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Stackyard News Apr 06

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Avian Influenza found on Norfolk chicken farm

Tests yesterday evening indicated that the avian influenza virus was present in samples taken from a chicken parent-breeder farm near Dereham in Norfolk.

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The preliminary test results show that it is likely to be the H7 strain of avian influenza, and not H5N1. Further confirmatory tests are in progress. H7 is a disease of wild birds and whilst it poses a threat to other avian species it is not a public health risk to humans.

The British poultry industry is taking all necessary measures and it is key to remember that this is a disease of birds and not a human health risk. Neither is it a food safety issue, and cooked poultry and poultry meat products are safe to eat.

As a precautionary measure birds on the premises will be slaughtered on suspicion of an avian notifiable disease. Restrictions have been placed on the farm and its associated sites.

The British Poultry Council is working closely with DEFRA and other agencies and stakeholders.

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