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Stackyard News Apr 06

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NFUS Urges Poultry Retailers To Show More Responsibility

NFU Scotland is asking retailers to be more responsible in their dealings with both suppliers and consumers following last week's bird flu case.


The call comes after Asda were quoted as having dropped a poultry supplier who operates within the 10km Avian Influenza surveillance zone in Fife. Asda then went on to deny this comment and have since confirmed that they will not be ceasing to trade with any Scottish poultry producers.

John Kinnaird, NFU Scotland President, said:

"Following discussions we had with ASDA this morning we very much welcome the news that they will now continue to source from Scotland and from all of their current suppliers.

"All retailers have a responsibility towards not only their suppliers but also to the trust placed in them by consumers. At present I just don't see that responsibility or trust being exercised. Scottish producers already jump through hoops to meet the, often unreasonable, demands of the retailers and for a major retailer to threaten to take business away and reduce consumer choice with no scientific foundation is irresponsible.

"NFU Scotland and the Scottish Executive have been working hard to ensure that farmers and the public are kept informed of the bird flu situation and, crucially, to keep the whole story in perspective. Asda almost jeopardised this hard work and was on the verge of causing an unnecessary panic. I have written to the Chief Executive of Asda seeking clarification of how this arose in the first place and to get his assurance that there will be no repetition of what was an alarming initial position.

"I sincerely hope that all retailers learn a valuable lesson from this and go on to ensure that all their suppliers are treated with equity."

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