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Angus Cattle Registries, Societies and Associations
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denmark     Dansk Aberdeen Angus Forening Dansk Aberdeen Angus Forening  

Angus er i dag verdens mest udbredte kødkvægsrace. Racens store udbredelse kan tilskrives Angus koens popularitet, som en meget hårdfør og nøjsom ko, der har ekstremt gode moderegenskaber og lette kælvninger. Derudover fravænner koen en kalv med særdeles høj tilvækst.

usa     Illinois Angus Association Illinois Angus Association  
  The Illinois Angus Association is dedicated to promoting Angus cattle and the beef industry throughout the geographical boundaries of the Illinois Angus Association Breeders.
canada     canadian angus Canadian Aberdeen Angus Association  
  Angus animals arrived in Montreal, Quebec by 1860 and some landed in Victoria, BC in 1874. The first recorded importation was in 1859 by Sir George Simpson, Governor of the Hudson Bay Company. No progeny was recorded, therefore credit for the first productive importation was given to Professor Wm. Brown at the Ontario Experimental Farm in Guelph, Ontario.
    angus argentina Asociacion Argentina de Angus  
  Mas de la mitad de los 50 millones de bovinos argentinos lleva sangre AnGus - tanto en zonas templadas como en condiciones menos benignas - donde demuestra su increible adaptabilidad a diferentes climas y calidades forrajeras.

UK Aberdeen Angus Heifers Sell in Germany
Buyers from Germany, Austria, Romania and Switzerland snapped up the leading lots at the first-ever sale of imported UK-bred Aberdeen-Angus at Wertingen, Bavaria.

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