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Gascoyne Brothers Rule Roost Again at Skipton

The Craven Feather Auctions summer show and sale of poultry and waterfowl at Skipton Auction Mart saw brothers Andrew and Richard Gascoyne, of Pontefract, make it a hat-trick of championship successes in recent years at the popular seasonal fixture. (Sat, Sept 1)

With the Craven Feather Auction Buff Orpingtons champions are, from left, Andrew and Richard Gascoyne, friend Mark Rangeley and show judge Geoff Marston.
Buff Orpingtons

The Gascoynes, who also won the title at the previous Spring show and sale, again ruled the roost with a trio of free range grass-fed Buff Orpingtons pullets hatched in April this year and bred from exhibition quality parent stock that have been responsible for many major award winners.

The point of lay victors sold for £110 with the reserve champion Silver Lace Wyandottes from Calderdale dairy farmer Stephen Hitchen, of Ludendenfoot, Halifax. Top price in show at £175 fell to a pair of Ne Ne Hawaiian Geese.

Show judge was Geoff Marston, of Wetherby, a renowned showman and adjudicator who specialises in Wyandottes.

Chief prices: Pair of Ne Ne Hawaiian Geese £175, 3 POL Buff Orpington £110, Fawn African Geese £100, Trio of Rhode Island Reds £90, 3 Wheaton Maran Pullets £80, Trio of Light Sussex £80, Pair of White Wyandotte £75, 3 Wheaton Maran Pullets £70, Trio of Buff Orpingtons £68, Broody Ark £65, Pair of White Wyandottes £62, 3 Copper Black Maran Pullets £58, 3 Rhode Island Red Pullets POL £58, Pair of white Call Ducks £55, 3 Welsummer Pullets £55 x twice, 3 Copper Black Maran Pullets £55, 4 Light Sussex POL Pullets £55, 2 Silver Laced Wyandotte Pullets £55, 3 Blue Bells POL £52, 4 Light Sussex POL Pullets £52, 2 Salmon Faverolle POL £52, Trio of Black Wyandottes £50, Pair of Rhode Island Reds £50, 2 Wheatan Maran Pullets, 2 Cuckoo Marans £50, 3 Rhode Island Red Pullets £50, 3 Cream Legbar Pullets £48, 4 Light Sussex Pullets POL £48, 4 Light Sussex Pullets POL £48, 2 Light Sussex POL Pullets £45, 2 Light Sussex POL Pullets £45, 3 Large Indian Game Hens £45, Pair of Barred Plymouth Rocks £45, 4 Light Sussex Pullets POL £45, Pair of Breeding Apricot Call Ducks £42, 2 Welsummer Pullets £42, Pair of Rhode Island Red £42, 3 Light Sussex Pullets POL £42

The poultry show formed part of Skipton’s annual highlight for the UK’s rare and native breed animals, featuring a wonderful and varied turnout of the best of British - among them rare, minority and traditional breeds of cattle, sheep and pigs.

The North Yorkshire venue was filled to the gunnels, attracting a huge turnout of breed enthusiasts and members of the public keen to see something different at their local auction mart.

Further Craven Feather Auctions are scheduled to take place at Skipton Auction Mart on Saturday, October 13, and Saturday, November 10, culminating with the high profile Christmas show and sale on Saturday, December 15. Entries close on Friday, December 7.

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