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New Six-Cylinder McCormick X70 Series Tractors

A new five-model range of six-cylinder tractors will be unveiled at Grassland UK and the Cereals Event as McCormick distributor AgriArgo UK prepares to replace the popular McCormick XTX and TTX series.

The new McCormick X70 Series tractors that progressively replace the XTX and TTX models next year have more powerful engines and improvements to the driver’s cab.

McCormick X70.80

Revealing the top model in the new range at these two events emphasises the versatile role of the design in providing the power needed to operate silage-making and feeding equipment in the livestock sector and tillage equipment for growing arable crops.

Powered by a ‘leaner and greener’ version of the 6.7-litre McCormick BetaPower engine, the new X70 holds the prospect of lower fuel costs while also promising improved performance and productivity.

“The core features that make the current XTX and TTX tractors an increasingly popular choice for farmers and contractors will still be a part of the X70 Series,” emphasises McCormick product specialist Paul Wade. “The XtraSpeed transmission with its eight powershift steps provides a very accessible choice of 32 forward speeds, while the high-output hydraulics system provides a quick response to pressure and flow demands from all types of equipment.”

For the X70 Series, engineering and design work have focused on the engine to deliver more performance while meeting latest emissions rules, and on the cab to provide operators with an even better place to work.

The line-up that progressively will replace the XTX and TTX ranges over the coming months comprises five models. Two are equivalent to the large-frame TTX – the X70.70 and the X70.80.

With 188hp for draft work and transport duties, and 218hp when driving pto-powered implements, the X70.70 has an 8hp and 19hp advantage over the TTX190, while at the top of the range, the X70.80 lifts performance over the TTX230 with 214hp and up to 232hp.

Engine spec apart, main changes for the McCormick X70 Series centre on the cab where the heater and air conditioning system are now located at the back of the cab roof assembly for extra headroom and to allow a roof window to be installed.

McCormick X70.80 cab

The X70 Series replacements for the smaller and lighter XTX tractors step up even more in the performance stakes with ‘boost power’ increases of up to 20hp over current models for pto and transport work.

The X70.40 replacement for the XTX145 puts out 150hp for draft work and up to 175hp with boost activated when hauling a trailer or powering pto-driven equipment. Equivalent figures for the X70.50, which replaces the XTX165, are 165hp and 188hp, while the X70.60 gets an 11% increase in boost output to 203hp, with 175hp on tap for draft work.

These performance gains result in part from optimising the engine’s combustion process in a way that also minimises the production of particulate matter – soot, in other words.

Nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the exhaust gases are neutralised by a catalytic converter and urea solution. Prior to injection at a rate determined by how hard the engine is working, the AdBlue solution is stored in a reservoir built into the tractor’s moulded fuel tank, making it easy to top up when re-filling with diesel.

In addition to the new-spec engine, the McCormick X70 Series tractors have some cabin enhancements, including a new roof assembly. With the heater and air conditioning unit now housed to the rear of this panel and controls conveniently mounted on the right-hand rear pillar, the operator enjoys more headroom than before.

The re-design also allows a roof window to be installed for the first time, which lets even more light into a cab that already provides a comfortable working environment. Its four-post construction means there are full-size door windows on both sides of the cab with no obstructions interrupting visibility.

Externally, the new X70 Series tractors are distinguished by new graphics on the bonnet and a more distinctive treatment for the integrated front and rear work lamps – they now have smart chrome-effect surrounds to make them stand out from the current style.

While production at the ARGO Tractors factory in Fabbrico, Italy progressively switches to the new X70 Series, supplies of current XTX and TTX tractors with non-SCR engines will continue to be available for a few more months to come.

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