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Genus Works with NMR to Promote Silent Herdsman

The electronic heat detection system Silent Herdsman, that has been available in the UK exclusively through NMR for the past two years, will now also be available through Genus ABS.

Silent Herdsman collar and processor.

Silent Herdsman collar

“Genus ABS sees Silent Herdsman as complementary to our existing technical services range of products,” says Matt Nightingale, business unit director for Genus ABS.

“Silent Herdsman is a logical addition and supports our commitment to providing fertility solutions for producers through our Genus Technical Services division.”

Genus ABS staff are already inseminating more than one million cows a year in the UK through the AI, Reproductive Management Systems (RMS) and now AI Plus services and support producers through a number of other fertility services.

“Silent Herdsman is recognised as being one of the most advanced electronic heat detection systems available for dairy and beef herds,” adds NMR managing director Andy Warne. “We have evaluated the system and it is proving to be a very valuable and cost-effective fertility tool on an increasing number of UK dairy units. With its success to date, we are confident that many more producers and fertility management services will benefit from using Silent Herdsman.”

Developed by UK-based Embedded Technology Solutions (ETS) and University of Strathclyde with funding of £4.75 million from the Scottish Enterprise R&D programme, Silent Herdsman uses robust collars with processors that continuously monitor and analyse all motion behaviour in 3D. It passes information, wirelessly, to a farm PC 24/7 and can be linked to mobile devices of choice regardless of physical location.

With intelligent processing capability Silent Herdsman can store significant data on each cow and more importantly on the entire herd as more farmers embrace technology innovation to monitor herd performance overall.

Using a touch-screen monitor, staff can detect cows on heat through changes in behaviour very easily. It is already being used very successfully in UK herds with results frequently showing heat detection accuracy rates in excess of 95%.

“Silent Herdsman is building a very strong reputation worldwide,” says Annette MacDougall, chief executive, ETS. “The involvement of Genus ABS Technical Services in the UK market will bring the advanced technology to more producers and the involvement of their trained RMS technicians will maximise the benefits of the system.”

Meanwhile, Silent Herdsman is being actively promoted in international markets notably, North America, China, Europe and New Zealand.

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