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New Products from Horsch at the Cereals Event

Horsch will be representing itself at the Cereals Show for the first time, and is using the event to display two new products for the UK. The new Mono TG bar extends the versatility of the Joker cultivator and offers new configurations in the successful Joker range, while the impressive Titan UW chaser bin offers unprecedented capacity.

Joker 3 CT with the Mono TG bar

Horsch Joker 3 CT with the Mono TG bar
Joker 3 CT with Mono TG bar

The Joker 3 CT with the Mono TG bar is an entry level three point linkage mounted short disc cultivator in tine, disc and roller configuration aimed at tractors in the 150hp to 200hp range.

The high disc speed is ideal for fast stubble cultivation, stale seed bed preparation and incorporation of residues. The new Mono TG Bar attachment further enhances the operating capability of the Joker 3 CT, enabling it to be used as a primary, as well as a secondary, cultivator. The Terragrip tines give complete movement of the soil structure down to a maximum depth of 30 cms.

The Mono TG Bar is fitted with five TerraGrip legs, with a 500kg trip force and a 30cm trip height. The unique Mono TG bar depth control system uses a quadrant and pin adjustment set up.

Two rows of serrated 460mm diameter, 6mm thick discs turn quickly providing an aggressive action with ease of penetration. Working at a 17 degree angle in pairs, the discs are mounted on a rubber suspension plate for good contour following. Mounting the discs in pairs ensures good clearance and trash capability.

The Joker range features 35mm hub bearings that are maintenance free oil immersed units.

Three packer options are available: steel disc packer, rubber Farmflex or Rollflex spring steel packer. The versatile Steel disc packer offers through consolidation and an even weather-proof surface in all different soil types, inter-ring scrapers ensures the effecti

Titan UW Chaser Bin

Horsch Titan UW Chaser Bin
Titan UW Chaser Bin

The Titan UW is Horsch’s new chaser bin for the UK market and has been designed to meet two key requirements; holding a full lorry load of grain and to fill a lorry in only 90 seconds.

The Titan UW’s large hopper capacity of 34 m3 equates to 27 to 28 tonnes of wheat, and allows a full lorry load to be collected before unloading therefore reducing idles times and the awkward manoeuvring associated with unloading directly into a lorry. With an output capacity of 18 tonnes per minute, or 1000 tonnes per hour, the Titan can quickly return to the combine.

The 600mm diameter auger conveyer can be folded and unfolded hydraulically from the tractor cab. When folded, the auger rest on a support across the front of the wagon but without protruding ensuring transport width is below 3m.

The Titan 34 UW features a telescopic axle as standard equipment, which extends each tyre by 30cm. The increased track from 2.95m to 3.55m improves stability and reduces soil compaction as the trailer wheels run outside the tractor track. The large 900/60 R32 tyres further reduce soil compaction.

A pneumatic brake system, a clearly visible display of the opening situation of the auger conveyor slider and an optional integrated weighing system ensure that the Titan UW can be used with confidence. Access to the hopper and auger for cleaning or maintenance can be made via an integrated ladder from the drawbar platform and there steps down in to the hopper.

More information on the company and its products can be found at

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