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New John Deere Hardware Enhances Precision Farming Solutions

John Deere’s new generation of AMS hardware components will be demonstrated and on display at next week’s Precision Farming Event at the East of England Showground, Peterborough (Wednesday 2nd March 2011).


StarFire 3000 receiver installation

StarFire 3000 receiver installation

New StarFire 3000 Receiver

The new StarFire 3000 receiver now offers the best satellite and terrain compensation performance on the market. It has been designed to process GPS and GLONASS signals and to track weaker satellite signals more efficiently.

Due to its enhanced sensitivity, the new receiver features high-speed signal acquisition and reacquisition in case of signal loss, and is able to track a far greater number of satellites at the same time. This high level of sensitivity also allows applications such as AutoTrac guidance to be maintained even longer and more effectively in shaded conditions, for example when working up against tree lines.

Thanks to an integrated three-dimensional terrain compensation module, the new StarFire 3000 receiver will keep the vehicle on track at all times when working in rolling or hilly terrain. The receiver is compatible with all existing John Deere displays and supports all available accuracy levels (EGNOS, SF1, SF2 and RTK). Remote activation and upgrades are possible via the John Deere Stellar Support website.


New GreenStar 2630 Display

John Deere’s new third generation GreenStar 2630 Display is the first of its kind to be awarded an ISOBUS 2011 conformity certificate. This reflects John Deere’s commitment to establishing compatibility with numerous implements of other makes.

GreenStar 2630 Display

GreenStar 2630 Display
Featuring a new slimline design, this 26cm premium full colour display allows easy touch-screen access to all monitoring and control functions. Processing speed has been doubled and the internal memory increased, giving operators complete control over John Deere’s full Agricultural Management Solutions product range.

In addition to displaying guidance, documentation and machine performance data as well as delivering advanced ISOBUS implement control, the new GreenStar 2630 Display offers several extra features designed to improve functionality and increase productivity.

A new Access Manager tool can be used to define different operator access levels, to prevent settings being changed by mistake during field operations. To further enhance the flexibility of the system, USB and ethernet ports for data transfer are available, and the display is also now equipped with a video input. This allows a monitoring system to be used for a better rear view or for the control of large implements.

StarFire 3000 receiver

StarFire 3000 receiver
For better visibility during road transport or at night-time, a new standby mode dims the display on demand, with one touch fully re-activating the display.

The new John Deere GreenStar 2630 Display comes preinstalled with ISOBUS VT (virtual terminal) capability, Parallel Tracking manual guidance and documentation software. Upgrade options include AutoTrac automatic steering, AutoTrac Universal 200, iTEC Pro automatic headland management, implement guidance solutions such as iSteer and iGuide, automatic section control and advanced documentation.

A new 2011 8R Series tractor will also be demonstrating the new GreenStar 3 CommandCentre display loaded with AutoTrac automatic steering, which eliminates the need for an additional display. The standard CommandCentre screen is AutoTrac and ISOBUS capable, while the optional touch screen version also integrates a video input to allow better visibility of implements, for example.

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