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Stackyard News Nov 2010

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New Lifeline Supplement from Rumenco

Rumenco has launched a highly cost-effective round block version of its popular pre-lambing bucket-based supplement Lifeline Lamb and Ewe. Sheep producers purchasing the new Lifeline block will be able to save around £100 per tonne compared with its plastic bucket-packaged counterpart. In addition, free feeders are currently available with every tonne of the new block supplement.

The Lifeline Lamb and Ewe supplement from Rumenco is now available in a highly cost-effective round block version. Free feeders are also available with every tonne purchased.

Lifeline Lamb and Ewe

The company says it is able to offer the block alternative at such a competitive price because of savings in plastic packaging costs.

According to Rumenco technical manager David Thornton, the product is the only purpose-formulated supplement that benefits the unborn lamb as well as the ewe. Feeding it also gives lambs a kickstart in life by boosting early vitality and promoting more rapid rumen development, the company claims.

“Lifeline boosts colostrum quality, improves ewe and lamb vitamin and mineral status, and promotes an easier lambing. Its value to the shepherd has been proven by independent trial work. For example, an SAC study has shown that feeding Lifeline pre-lambing can significantly increase immunoglobulin levels in the colostrum. Ewes fed showed a 25% increase in colostrum immunoglobulin content.” he said.

“Immunoglobulin content is an important measure of colostrum quality that infers passive immunity to disease in young lambs. As all shepherds know, healthier lambs have increased feed intake and growth rate, show improved early vigour and general health, thrive and are less likely to suffer from conditions such as coccidiosis, hypothermia and mis-mothering. Losses due to predators may also be reduced when lambs are livelier if born outside.”

Lifeline Lamb and Ewe should be introduced six weeks before lambing at grass or to housed ewes in addition to the standard feeding programme. Introduction of Lifeline Lamb and Ewe also brings the added benefit of replacing a proportion of any concentrates that are being fed, thanks to improved forage utilisation.

The new product is available from the agricultural merchant trade and should be fed at the rate of 4-5 blocks per 100 ewes/week.

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