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Stackyard News Sep 2010

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Longtown Primestock Sale

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 49 prime cattle, 40 over thirty month cattle, 5,455 prime lambs and 6,931 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 30th September, 2010.

Prime cattle saw handy weight heifers selling to a fast trade with smart Limousin heifers topping at 179.5p from GP & EA Coates, Beckhall and purchased by Border Meats, Butchers, Lockerbie. Others to 162.5p Beckhall, 157.5p Justicetown; Angus 157.5p Townfoot. Top price per head £1036.35 for a Charolais from Sceughdyke. Continental bullocks to 177.5p from D & E Lockhart, Faulding Cleugh and purchased by W Kirkup & Son, Butchers, Longtown; Limousin 159.5p Faulding Cleugh, 155.5p Newby Farm. Top price per head £1100.50 for Limousin from Faulding Cleugh.

OTMs to 121.5p for Limousin for High House, 117.5p Kildaloig, 101.5p Burnside; Friesian 87.5p Peterscrook; Galloway 85.5p Hardhurst, 80p Moorend; Bluegrey 85.5p Moorend; British Blue 103.5p Blindhillbush, 99.5p Knarr & low Peninver; Angus 101.5p Kildaloig. OTM steers to 114.5p for Limousin from Townfoot; OTM heifers 101.5p for Friesian from Hethermill.

Longtown Mart

A large show of 5,455 lambs presented to the usual ring of buyers. Lambs were a similar trade to last week averaging 152.3p/kg but the problem was too many heavy and fat lambs 44-48kg were forward.

The sale topped at £88.50 for Beltex from Balgray and 197p/kg from the same. Other Beltex to £84.50 Balgray Hill, £73.20 Winterhope; Suffolk x £77.20 Faugh Beeches, £76.80 Sceughdyke, Tinnis Hall & Leaona Villa; £75.80 Roanstree; Cheviot £63.80 Chapel, £61.50 Girnwood, £61.20 Sorbietrees; Texel £86.50 Little Orton, £86.50, £79.50 Carran Farm; Bleu de Maine £64.20 Henrys Hill, £62.50 East Mains; Charollais £69.80, £67.20 Leaona Villa, £60.50 Lanehead; Halfbred £65.80, £64.20 Adderston Shiel; Greyfaces £68.80 Englishtown, £68.20 Thornship, £67.50 Westernhopeburn; Leicester £61.50 Plumpe; Blackface £64.80 Hesleywell, £63.50 Gall, £62.80 Lanehead & Gall; North Country Cheviot £68.20 Thornship; Swaledale £54.50 Waterloo; Herdwick £64.50 Waterloo; LLynn £63.80 Whiteclose; Oxford £61.50 Guards Farm; Easycare £69.50 Glenapp, £62.80 East Fortissat Farm, £62.50 Glenapp.

Lightweight lambs to £59.80 for Texels from Haymont, £55.80 Killean, £54.50 Patties Hill; Suffolk x £55 Haymont, £54.80 Coytre; Cheviot £54.80 Commonside, £53.20 Haithwaite; Bleu de Maine £50.20 East Mains; Greyface £55.80 Newington, £51.20 East Fortissat; Blackface £55.20 Syart, £53.80 Riskinhope, £49.80 Riskinhope; North Country Cheviot £52.20 Killean; Swaledale £44.20 Low Roughhill; Herdwick £42.80 Haithwaite; Easycare £52.30 Haymont & East Fortissat.

Another monster show of ewes and rams were forward to a full ring of buyers with trade firmer on the week, especially for heavy and well fleshed ewes. Plainer ewes harder to sell. The sale topped at £172.50 for Texel rams from Crumhaughhill, others £132.50 Stotsfold, £128.50 Crumhaughill; Suffolk x £138.50 Blackhaugh, £98.50 Kirkland Green; Cheviot £108.50 Gall Farm; Charollais £118.50 Bordergate; Blackface £84.50 Syart, £73.50 Pond Farm; North Country Cheviot £120.50 Folley, Jacob £66.50 Easthouse; Beltex £88.50 Netherside, £78.50 Unity; Woodland £98.50 Wool Hall; Oxford £106.50 Severs; Dorset £98.50 Wool Hall; Easycare £88.50 Blackhaugh.

Heavy ewes to £126.50 for Texels from Westhouse, others £124.50 Roadside, £122.50 Severs; Suffolk x £106.50 Severs, £104.50 Sockbridge, £102.50 Roadside & Easthouse; Charollais £106.50 Wool Hall, £98.50 Severs, £96.50 Severs & Roadside; Halfbreds £86.50 Broomhillbank; Greyface £83.50 Wellington Farm, £82.50 The Nook, £81.50 Whinfield; Cheviot Mules £90 The Nook, £84.50 Muircleugh, £80.50 Hassendean; Leicester £86.50 Chipping; North Country Cheviot £93.50 Sockbridge, £90.50 Crosskirk, £89.50 Roadside; Beltex £97.50 Mouldy Hills, £84.50 Winterhope; Zwartbles £86.50 Alton; LLynn £68.50 Plump & Easthouse, £67.50 Guards; Oxford £88.50 Easthouse & Riverside Lodge; Easycare £67.50 Blackhaugh. Light ewes to £87.50 for Cheviots from Balgray Hill, £84.50 Stackbraes, £80.50 Dinley; Blackface £57.50 Longyester, £55.50 Gall & The Nook, £53.50 Easthouse; Swaledales £54.50 Clarks Hill, Kirkland Green & Kilnstown, £53.50 Round Meadows; Herdwicks £35.50 Waterloo, £32.50 Home Farm; Jacob £40.50 The Nook.


Light to 131.5p (118.4p)
Medium to 145.5p (142.9p)
Heavy to 177.5p (139.9p)

Light to 127.5p (123.4p)
Medium to 156.5p (148.0p)
Heavy to 179.5p (151.7p)

Light to 174.0p (156.0p)
Standard to 177.0p (155.1p)
Medium to 197.0p (153.5p)
Heavy to 158.0p (144.0p)
Overweight 146.6p (138.8p)

Light to £87.50 (£41.58)
Heavy to £126.50 (£69.62)

Cast Rams to £172.50(£87.38)

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