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Pessimists Blown Away by Record Wind Powered Electricity Generation 2010-09-22

The National Grid has announced a record amount of electricity generated by wind turbines connected to the UK power transmission system on Monday 6th September. Wind accounted for 4.7% of the total electricity generation on this day at 8:30pm.

wind turbines

Over the 24 hour period wind generated 5% of all electricity 40.5GWh out of a total of 809.5GWh (gigawatt hour).

National Grid added that it believed if embedded wind generation was taken into account, covering smaller wind generation apparatus connected to local distribution networks, approximately 10% of the UK’s power was generated by wind on Monday 6th September.

These figures are not only encouraging news, but quash any myth that wind power is not a vital part of the UK’s electricity generation future and an essential technology in achieving energy security and renewable obligations. These figures do not include the contribution from other renewable generation methods such as hydro which contributed a further 4% of the National energy generation on Monday, according to data held by ELEXON the balancing and settlement code company for the UK.

RenewableUK Chief Executive Maria McCaffery said “We are expecting to see the contribution of electricity from wind gradually increase over the next decade to around 30% of the UK’s total contribution”.

This news confirms that not only are wind farms starting to deliver, but that the UK wind farm electricity yields are some of the best in Europe and comparable with established technologies such as hydro.

For further information on wind energy, please contact Hywel Morse on 01295 226298 or email

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