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Stackyard News Dec 09

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Longtown Primestock Sale

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 70 prime cattle, 20 over thirty month cattle, 5,449 prime lambs and 4,904 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 17th December, 2009.

Top price in the prime cattle of 185.5p for a Limousin bullock from R.M. & P. Armstrong, Slealands to W. Kirkup, Butcher, Longtown; Blonde d’Aquitaine 184.5p Toppin Castle to Scotbeef Ltd. Limousin heifers from J. & J. & D. Taylor, Englishtown sold to 175.5p (x2), 174.5p (x4) and 171.5p (x2), also 174.5p Hallburn.

A small show OTM cattle lacked flesh. Hereford heifers to 117.5p, 115.5p and 113.5p Enzieholm. Charolais cows to 113.5p Sceughdyke; Limousin 91.5p Horseholm.

longtown prime sheep

A good entry of 5,449 prime lambs was met with a sharper trade on the week to average 176.3p overall. The 1,816 lambs under 36 kilos averaged 177.9p and the lambs over 36 kilos averaged 173.9p. Top price of £100 per head for Suffolks from Catslackburn and to 219p per kilo for Texels from The Becks. Other Suffolks to £90.50 Tinnis Hall; Texel £97.50 Tinnis Hall, £96.80 Burnside, £96.50 Falla; North Country Cheviot £92.50 Raeburnfoot, £83.80 Adderston Shiels; Beltex £87.80, £75.80 Naddle; Charollais £87.50, £84.50 Tinnis Hall, £77.80 Sceughdyke; Greyface £83.50 Spoutbank, £77.20 The Nook; Bleu d’Maine £82.80, £79.80 Branxholm Town; Blackface £75.80 Riskinhope, £72.80 Plenderleith, £69.80 Sorbie and Caberston; Leicester £75.50 Granton, £74.50 Newtown; Hill Cheviot £75.20 Upper Hindhope, £74.20 Twislehope; Lonk £74.50 Bush of Ewes; Half Bred £73.80 Lythmore, £70.80 Adderston Shiels; Herdwick £72.20 Ashley Park; Cheviot Mule £72.20 Outertown, £70.20 Chapel Farm and Granton; Oxford £66.50 Guards; Swaledale £66.20 Greystoke Castle, £64.80 Westernhopeburn and Coldshield; Lleyn £64.80 Sloda Hill.

The 1,816 light lambs sold to £72.80 and £65.20 for Texels from Kirkland of Longcastle, £64.80 Coshogle; Suffolk £64.80 The Farm, Aikton; Hill Cheviot £64.80 Skelfhill, £63.80 Bankhead; Greyface £64.80 Kirkwood Mains, £59.20 Wallholm; Blackface £62.80 Skelfhill, £57.80 Scabcleugh; North Country Cheviot £59.20, £55.80 Rosgill Hall; Swaledale £59.20 Williamston, £56.50 Nookton, £54.80 Williamston; Half Bred £54.80 Westfield; Beltex £52.50 Newton.

A good show of 4,904 ewes and rams again selling to a large ring of buyers equally met with a roaring trade. The sale was topped at £158.50 for Texel rams from Roadside, others £134.50 Winterhope; Charollais £123.50 The Old Police House; Suffolk £117.50 Roadside; Leicester £101.50 East Unthank; Beltex £94.50 Roadside; Hill Cheviot £91.50 Cowburn; Wensleydale £89.50 Hameknowe; North Country Cheviot £81.50 West Whatten; Blackface £73.50 Wanwood Hill; Swaledale £65.50 Coldshield. Heavy ewes to £129.50 for Texels from Nether Ernambrie and Suffolks & Charollais from Roadside; Leicester £105.50 Newbigging, £95.50 Bellmount; North Country Cheviot £102.50 Alton, £99.50 Jury Park, £94.50 Lythmore and West Whatten; Half Bred £99.50 Granton; Beltex £97.50 Nether Ernambrie, £85.50 Caberston; Greyface £97.50 Easton, £93.50 First Watling, £91.50 Golden Farm; Cheviot Mule £81.50 Alton, £71.50 Harwood House. Light ewes to £75.50 for Cheviots from Bankhead, £69.50 Stackbraes, £67.50 Allfornaught; Blackface £75.50 Lowes Fell, £73.50 Kirkbampton, £68.50 Cowcorse; Swaledale £67.50 Kelmore Hills, £64.50, £57.50 Farney Shield; Lleyn £67.50 Netherplace; Shetland £43.50 Newington; Soya £39.80 Haithwaite.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 136.5p (131.9p)
Heavy to 185.5p (162.1p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 175.5p (165.2p)
Heavy to 175.0p (156.8p)

Young bulls to -------p (-------p)

Light to 204.0p (174.3p)
Standard to 214.0p (178.4p)
Medium to 219.0p (173.6p)
Heavy to 197.0p (168.1p)
Overweight 177.0p (161.9p)

Light to £75.50 (£49.52)
Heavy to £129.50 (£76.95)

Cast Rams to £158.50(£84.35)

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