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    New Factsheets Point to Greater Pig Productivity

Three new factsheets are now available from BPEX focused squarely on reducing the costs of pig production. Part of the popular Action for Productivity series, the factsheets are focused on helping stockpeople and managers improve key performance indicators (KPIs) on their units.



Action for Productivity factsheets number 24, 25 and 26 provide a wealth of practical pointers on KPIs for:

- the breeding herd
- pre-weaning performance
- the rearing herd.

As well as guidance on how to record and calculate figures for each KPI, there is advice on what action to take to improve them.

For breeding herds, the farrowing rate, farrowing index and non-productive days are all interconnected; the factsheet shows how actions to improve farrowing rate also impact the other KPIs.

There are simple tools to work out the potential financial benefits of improvements. A chart on the pre-weaning factsheet helps producers to assess the benefits of increasing survival rates and then compare them against the anticipated extra labour costs.

“It is essential for producers to measure and record the basic Key Performance Indicators and, just as importantly, form an action plan to improve them,” says Dr Mike Varley, BPEX Head of Knowledge Transfer and R&D. “This is the only way a pig unit can fully understand its current production level and therefore take the right steps to improve business profitability.

“There are areas on the factsheets for units to fill in and benchmark their performance against pig industry figures. This will help units to set their own production targets.”

The factsheets are available from BPEX: email or call Miriam Drewett on 02476 478794. The full Action for Productivity series are also available to download.

And soon producers will be able to test their knowledge on the Action for Productivity topics. Interactive online quizzes are being created for each of the factsheets. They will not only test producers’ knowledge, but also help them learn more by providing feedback on each question.

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