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Swine and Pig Breeding & Producing Information
  The award-winning natural gardening supplies company - Wiggly Wigglers pig breeders
united kingdom   the pig site
The Pig Site
  This new web site is devoted solely to Pigs and their good health and welfare. The intention is to develop the site into a global hub for information on Pigs.
united kingdom   Gloucestershire Old Spots
Gloucestershire Old Spots
  An information packed site dedicated to the Orchard Pig. Visit here to buy stock, raise husbandry queries, find a boar at stud, information on AI, our Show & Sale or even to read about how to start in pig keeping.
united kingdom   British Saddleback Pigs
British Saddleback Pigs
  The home of the British Saddleback pig with everything you need all in one place. Visit here to buy stock, learn about the breed and how to regsiter pigs, AI, Boars at Stud etc. You can find local breeders and helpful tips on marketing.

British Pork Export Market Opens in Taiwan 2018-Aug-08
British farmers and food producers are set to benefit from a valuable new market as Taiwan prepares to welcome British pork exports for the first time.

Premium Pig Classes Expected at Royal Bath & West Show 2018-May-23
Charismatic and intelligent animals, pigs are a popular attraction at the Royal Bath & West Show. But they are not the easiest animals to exhibit.

Stay Ahead at the British Pig & Poultry Fair 2018 2018-Feb-12
Pig and poultry producers are well known for embracing new technology and business tools, and many are planning further investment to ensure a bright future in the years ahead.

Supplementing Sows’ Milk in Situ Boosts Litter Weaning Weight 2018-Jan-15
A helping hand by supplementing the sow’s milk in situ has been shown to go a long way in improving piglet performance, according to Yorkshire-based Cargill pig specialist David Hardy.

North Yorkshire Farmer Receives Nuffield Travel Scholarship 2016-Nov-21
A desire to explore the latest technology to benefit the British pig industry has resulted in a North Yorkshire farmer receiving a prestigious Nuffield travel scholarship.

united kingdom     British Kunekune Pig Society
British Kune Kune Pig Society
  The British Kune Kune Pig Society was set up in 1993. There are now about four hundred members. The society produces four newsletters a year, and is open to anyone with an interest in Kune Kune pigs.
united kingdom     Pig Health, Swine Diseases, Hog
Pig Disease Information Centre
  The Pig Disease Information Centre (PDIC) is a non-clinical veterinary practice registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.
united kingdom     pig and poultry production, processing and                                        marketing
British Pig & Poultry Fair
  The British Pig and Poultry Fair is the UK’s leading business exhibition for the Pig and Poultry industries, hosting over 300 exhibitors from three main sectors of eggs, poultry meat and pig meat.
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