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New Packo Vertical Milk Tanks Save Space and Money

A new range of external milk cooling silos which can save space and reduce electricity bills has been launched by Fullwood under its Packo brand.

The new VMDX vertical silo is part of Fullwood’s range of Packo tanks.

Packo tanks

The VMDX vertical milk tank, which is available in a range of sizes from 12,000 to 35,000 litres, is equipped with Packo’s very latest Eco-Cool and Eco-Tronic direct expansion refrigeration systems which can cut the cost of cooling milk by up to 20%.

“The Eco-Cool is a compressor modification that uses a variable speed fan motor to control and maintain the condensing temperature throughout the cooling cycle. The new system keeps the condensing temperature as low as possible by running the fans run at maximum speed until the milk is almost at storage temperature. The fans then slow down resulting in an increased condensing temperature which prevents milk freezing in the tank,” explains Les Strickland, sales manager for Fullwood who also states that the new cooling unit can be retro-fitted to existing installations. The result is increased efficiency, longer compressor life and reduced cooling costs for the farmer.

The Eco-Cool system uses two variable speed fans to ensure rapid and efficient milk cooling.


Running costs are reduced further by the new electronically controlled Eco-Tronic refrigerant injector system which provides the optimal amount of refrigerant flow, ensuring that every square centimetre of the evaporator’s surface is flooded and used as effectively as possible. “This level of control gives a further reduction in energy consumption, rapid cooling of the milk and retains the ‘pump-down’ evaporator protection system which significantly reduces risk of evaporator leaks,” Mr Strickland continues.

The new VMDX tank is designed to provide large capacity milk storage on farms where space is at a premium and is suitable for use with either traditional or automatic milking parlours. “When used alongside a traditional herringbone or rotary parlour, a pre-cooler is used to chill milk to 23oC before it enters the tank,” Mr Strickland explains.

The VMDX range incorporates a unique design feature in that the tanks can be fitted with evaporators (cooling pads) in the side walls of the tank as well as in the base of the silo. “Each cooling unit can be independently controlled to improve cooling efficiency and to minimise energy usage when the tank is only part-full,” Mr Strickland adds.

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