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Kuhn Primor 5570 Feeder / Bedder Offers Improved Efficiency

Kuhn Farm Machinery has a new three-bale model at the top of its dual purpose feeding and bedding equipment range with the introduction of the Primor 5570.

Kuhn Primor 5570

Kuhn Primor 5570

This trailed machine has the ability to carry three 1.5m diameter bales with its 5.5 cubic metre capacity and is effective for feeding any long fibre forage and distributing bedding straw up to a distance of 18 metres through a single top chute.

This latest Primor model is also fitted with a hydraulically-operated regulator at the entrance to the feed rotor. This allows throughput to be adjusted according to material quality, therefore maintaining operating efficiency under varying conditions.

As with other recent models in the range, the Primor 5570 has the capacity to carry two round bales within the body and one more on the loading gate, and is equally capable of operating with large rectangular bales. The second bale can be lifted off the feed conveyor by laterally positioned clamps on either side of the body, so avoiding the risk of jamming if this standby bale was continuously pushing against the first bale. This also means there is reduced stress on the conveyor and the overall power requirement is reduced.

The key to the Primor’s ability to chop and distribute straw and silage is a robust two-speed gearbox. This is typically operated at its lower rate mainly for silage and at the faster rate when distributing straw. Power is transmitted from the gearbox through a shaft, which in turn drives a four-strand power-band system which is engaged/disengaged using a hydraulic cylinder. The power band is significant, as it provides high horse power transmission to the distribution beater rotor, whilst also acting as a safety device.

The bed chain conveyor operates independently to draw material into the beater rotor. This can be operated at varying speeds, and put into reverse, to control the flow of material into the distribution area.

Distribution of forage for feeding or straw for bedding is through the same top chute, which is height adjustable. There is also the option of a swivelling chute for greater accessibility in restricted spaces.

The rear door of the Primor 5570 is hydraulically controlled, allowing self-loading if required. All functions are controlled electronically, from the tractor cab.

Kuhn recommends a minimum tractor power requirement of 70hp when the Primor 5570 is used for silage or haylage type forages. The standard Primor 5570 comes with electric controls and costs £21,961.

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