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Combination Bluetongue Vaccine Arrives in Europe

Global vaccine specialist Fort Dodge is the first manufacturer to develop a combination vaccine to protect sheep and cattle against both Bluetongue Serotypes 1 and 8.


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The product was launched to farmers in Spain this week and the company plans to introduce to the UK and other European countries as soon as possible.

The development of the new vaccine was triggered by recent outbreaks of both Serotypes of the disease in the same area of France and Spain. The company says that the Bluetongue Serotypes 1 and 8 restriction zones are overlapping more and more as Serotype 1 moves rapidly further north and Serotype 8 moves south.

Fort Dodge has obtained a provisional licence for the use of combination vaccines Zulvac® 1+8 Bovis and Zulvac® 1+8 Ovis vaccine in Spain. The first deliveries are underway with further supply of the vaccines expected over the next few months. The combination vaccines are produced at its manufacturing plant in Olot, Spain.

Fort Dodge’s Andrew Wylie commented: “The new situation where Bluetongue Serotypes are mixing has created a difficult situation for farmers as mono-valent vaccines provide no cross-protection against other Serotypes. As a leader in the single Serotype vaccine market, we were well placed to start work immediately on a combination vaccine and we are delighted that the dossiers for both the sheep and cattle versions have now been submitted in Spain.

“The new combination vaccine will offer vets and farmers a further tool in the fight against this dreadful disease and will enable them to plan their vaccination campaigns more effectively. We look forward to making Zulvac® 1+8 Bovis and Zulvac® 1+8 Ovis vaccines available to farmers in the UK and other European countries at the earliest.”

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