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    Recommended Oilseed Varieties for Northern UK - New SAC List Published 04/02/09

The new SAC List of Recommended Oilseed Rape Varieties is now available. The recommendations are the result of 14 field trials at Elgin, Aberdeen, Kinross, Edinburgh, the Borders and Newcastle.

oilseed rape field

“Our list is a must for any growers in the north of the UK” said Dr. Elaine Booth of SAC’s Agronomy Services. “There is a real difference in growing or harvesting conditions in north and south. It is something to consider when picking spring varieties where there can be an eight-day spread between early and late maturing types. In winter varieties, resistance to light leaf spot disease is a feature northern growers pay attention to”.

In addition to maturity dates and disease resistance, the list gives the usual data on yield, oil content, height, stem stiffness and glucosinilate levels.

According to Elaine Booth, all the varieties listed are double low, with the exception of the HEAR and specialist oil varieties. “A lot of oil seed rape meal is incorporated into livestock fed these days and breeders are very aware high levels of glucosinilate affect animals performance adversely,” she said.

Commenting on the new varieties, Dr. Booth highlighted Cuillin and Emerson which have exceptionally high resistance to light leaf spot. “I am looking forward to seeing how they fare as more growers take them up" she said. “They should help reduce fungicide costs."

Another interesting variety is DK Secure, a high yielding type with exceptionally short straw which offers harvesting advantages. Elaine Booth urged growers to read the short pen-portraits of each variety, a much appreciated characteristic of all SAC recommended lists.

The 2009 Recommended List of Oilseed Rape Varieties costs £15. It is available from all SAC Farm Business Service Offices or Elaine Booth at SAC Ferguson Building, Craibstone Estate. Aberdeen, AB21 9YA +44(0) 01224 711000, fax 711293.

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