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Pedigree Limousin Sales Go Through £5 Million Mark

Figures released by the British Limousin Cattle Society show that sales of pedigree animals at Official Sales exceeded the £5 Million mark in 2008. Including the end of year Red Ladies female sale, the total gross figure for the year was finalized at £5,231,408.

Wilodge Cerberus - 50,000gns from DA Williams

Wilodge Cerberus

Over the last five years, pedigree Limousin cattle sold at Official Society Sales have grossed over £25 Million.

In 2008, fifteen Collective Society Sales were held with further Official Sales from twenty-two breeders’ herds. Averages for both bulls and females at Collective Sales increased on the year with the bull average showing a rise of £291 to £4026 per head. Significantly, the total number of animals sold at Collective Sales in the year also showed a slight increase, up by fifty one. At the Autumn 2008 round of Collective Bull Sales held at Carlisle, Perth, Dungannon and Brecon respectively, 212 bulls averaged £4179 which represented an increase of £269 on the year. This figure also represented an increase on averages of £1299 from the comparable figures in 2005. A feature of the Limousin sale year was the demand for all classes of stock, from both pedigree and commercial producers, including bulls, cows, maiden and in-calf heifers and youngstock. In the year, 51 animals sold to 10,000gns and more.

The Limousin sale year saw a number of records and achievements which included: new centre records at Perth in consecutive sales; average of £6438 for senior bulls at Carlisle’s October Sale; centre record and all breeds record average for maiden heifers of £3321 at Red Ladies, Carlisle; 33 Newstart animals averaging £9900, an all-breeds centre record for a Dispersal Sale; centre record at Ballymena; centre record average at Brecon in May; centre record at Newark; a Welsh breeder record of £33,600 set at Carlisle in February; and a joint N Irish breeder record of £31,500 set at Perth in October.

The year’s highest price paid for a bull was the 50,000gns paid at Carlisle in October for DA Williams’ Wilodge Cerberus. The highest priced female was Newstart Upsydaisy who was sold for 41,000gns in February at the herd’s dispersal sale held in Carlisle.

Commenting on the figures, BLCS Chairman Jim Bloom said, “The Limousin pedigree sale figures over a sustained number of years are testament to the ongoing demand from the commercial sector for easy care, efficient cattle that leave a profitable carcase. Ongoing research in the beef sector, including the identification of the F94L superior beef gene, is just serving to highlight the massive genetic advantages the Limousin breed has in terms of carcase traits.”

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