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New Dairy Feed Range Can Cut Costs But ‘Max’ On Milk

James and Son is launching the new range of moist and dry co-product dairy feeds, Milk Max, this autumn. Designed to drive cow performance cost-effectively in winter feeding systems, the range combines quality co-products and is available with protein levels from 20% to 33%.


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“The pressure is on producers to make best use of their forage, produce plenty of good quality milk yet keep feed costs well under control this winter,” says the company’s national ruminant manager Sion Richards. “Milk Max feeds will do this by balancing the winter ration and adding to its palatability, thereby stimulating dry matter intake.

“We are using co-products such as wheat starch syrups, moist citrus, biscuit meal and brewers grains that are formulated into well-balanced mixes and can be used to replace compound feeds or blends,” adds Dr Richards.

“Producers with TMR’s favour moist mixes because of their simplicity where one product ‘does it all’ and can be added to the mixer without needing any pre mixing.”

On average, MilkMax feeds will reduce typical bought in feed costs by 10 to 20% and at the same time, through precise ration formulation, they can improve performance.

High in starch, sugar and fibre, Milk Max provides high energy and encourages the rumen to work harder. These factors encourage feed intake leading to better performance, health and fertility.

“Producers should review their rations and look for economic routes that will not compromise productivity,” says Dr Richards. “It’s important that milk yield and quality are enhanced along with cow health and welfare.

“A growing number of producers have already reduced feed costs by using co-product mixes and have also seen increased productivity, milk quality and fertility. The new Milk Max will enable them to continue this trend through the winter.”

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