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Milk from Grass Booster Approved for Organic

A sugar and mineral product that can be added to dairy rations has been approved by Organic Farmers and Growers for use on organic dairy farms and has been shown in recent farm trials to increase milk yields by 1.4 litres per cow per day by making better use of nitrogen in grazed grass. As a result, it also reduces waste nitrogen.


dairy pasture

These latest trial results, carried out by specialist feed company SCA NuTec, shows that 11% more nitrogen in the grass can be used by the cow for milk production where the product, Amino ProTek Nature, is added to diets.

“Spring and early summer grass is rich in crude protein, typically in the region of 25%,” says SCA NuTec’s Norman Downey. “But the crude protein in grass is very quickly broken down in the rumen. Unless it is ‘slowed down’ and used, a large proportion will pass through the rumen wall as ammonia. Not only is this a waste of protein, but the ammonia is toxic and has a negative effect on dairy cow fertility.”

Amino ProTek Nature works by binding to the protein in the rumen so reducing the speed of break down. Less protein is therefore wasted and more passes into the small intestine where it is available for milk production.

Results just published from an SCA trial on a 600-cow organic unit in Denmark, where Amino ProTek Nature was added to a TMR for six weeks, shows an improvement in yields of 1.4 litres per cow per day compared with a control group.

“There are clear cost benefit advantages of using Amino ProTek Nature on organic and non organic units, in the region of 4:1,” adds Mr Downey. “And there are also health benefits from lower blood ammonia and milk ureas, especially in the early grazing season.”

Amino ProTek Nature is available from agricultural merchants and feed compounders nationally.

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