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Semex Holstein Sires Create a Storm in August Proofs

Semex sires have performed strongly in the August proof round, with well known names continuing to achieve impressive rankings and three notable sire introductions - Sir Linerway Lightning, Lajeante Kingly and Langs-Twin-B Mayfair.

Morningview Ashlar daughter, Savale Maryanne Ashlar
Savale Maryanne Ashlar
Sir Linerway Lightning has made a strong debut ‘strike’ for Semex in the proofs, with high Type at +15 Conformation (+2.86UKTM), double digit scores for mammary (+13), feet & legs (+16) and dairy strength (+10). A Comestar Stormatic son from a Formation out of the renowned Comestar Laura Black family, Lightning breeds balanced, stylish cows with excellent feet and legs. Daughters walk well and are long-lasting, and the bull’s high scores for milking speed, temperament, calving ease and daughter fertility promise trouble-free cows that get back into calf quickly.

Semex UK’s genetics manager Willie Tait commented, “These new sires are a perfect example of Semex’s balanced breeding philosophy, providing a solid combination of functional traits and production figures, guaranteeing increased profitability for producers over the long term. ”

Champion son Lajeante Kingly has an excellent pedigree stack to the great Gail family from Startmore, and breeds extremely balanced, long-lasting milky cows with persistent lactations for increased income over the long term. With extremely high milk figures (+614kg), Kingly will appeal to breeders aiming to improve rumps, dairy strength and longevity.

Langs-Twin-B Mayfair has emerged as one of the best udder bulls around with a score of +16 (+3.31UK). A Goodluck son out of an Elton, he also scores highly on Type with an impressive UK figure of 3.10. Mayfair daughters have very persistent lactations with high fat% (+0.07%) leading to easier management and a higher milk price.

Other sires of note include relative newcomer Morningview Ashlar, who has climbed up the profitability rankings with considerable gains in production and type since his introduction in January. Now placed at No 3 in the LPI rankings, he offers an impressive package of durable traits and profitable production with a high fat of +0.04% and impressive figures of +13 for conformation + 16 mammary.

“Ashlar is a true all-rounder ranking highly on a number of fronts, and he continues to go from strength to strength – so he really is one to watch,” continued Willie. “We are excited about our new introductions in this proof round. These are sires that are already being used worldwide, showing that Semex animals are delivering the goods for breeders across a wide variety of production systems. We are confident that they will be a popular choice amongst UK dairymen, whatever their semen budget.”

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