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Claas Xerion and Kaweco Tanker Combination make Grassland Debut 13/05/08

Dominating the muck demonstration plots at this year’s Grassland & Muck event will the first UK showing of a 388hp CLAAS XERION 3800 tractor towing a 24,000 litre Kaweco slurry tanker.

Dominating the muck plots at this year’s Grassland & Muck event, and making its UK debut, will be this impressive combination of a 388hp XERION 3800 towing a 24,0000 litre Kaweco slurry tanker.

The 388hp XERION 3800 and  24,000 litre Kaweco slurry tanker in action

With XERIONs working in each of the grassland, clamp and muck demonstration areas, CLAAS UK will be highlighting the all-round versatility of the unique XERION tractor.

To demonstrate the ability of the XERION to provide high output in the field, working on the grassland plots will be a 340hp XERION 3300 with a reversible cab, on which will be mounted a 8.3m wide set of DISCO 8550 triple mowers capable of mowing up to 10ha (25 acres) an hour.

In the clamping area, in addition to a SCORPION telescopic handler, for contractors running high capacity self-propelled forage harvesters, CLAAS will be running a new 388hp XERION 3800, fitted with a push-off buckrake, to highlight how the power of the XERION can be used to comfortably and quickly handle large amounts of grass harvested by high output foragers such as the JAGUAR 980, leaving sufficient time to then ensure that the clamp is well rolled between loads.

Finally, CLAAS will then be using the Muck demonstration plots to demonstrate the ability of the XERION as a high output systems carrier.

The 388hp XERION 3800 is hitched to the 24,000 litre capacity Kaweco tanker via a swanneck connection, and will be fitted with a 7.20 metre wide injector unit, giving the combination an overall length of 16.0 metres.

Whilst its sheer size will overshadow most other muckspreading units, one of the biggest strengths of this impressive combination is its ability to spread large quantities whilst minimising damage to the soil.

By connecting the tanker to the XERION through the 110mm ball head swanneck coupling, about 15 tonnes of drawbar load is transferred to the XERION, so that the overall weight is carried evenly across the combination’s four axles.

Fitted with wide floatation tyres and due to the XERIONs offset crab steering function, this weight can then be evenly transferred over a wider area than would be achieved with a normal tractor. Not only does this result in reduced compaction, but also allows the combination to get on the land earlier. In addition, the Kaweco’s tank is split into two compartments, with the rear 10,000 litre compartment emptied first in order to keep the load transfer on the XERION for maximum traction and minimum wheelslip.

The XERION’s 388hp ensures that there is plenty of power available, whilst the tractor’s 238 l/min powered hydraulic system makes available a maximum power output of 90kW for the tanker’s two pumps, so making available high levels of power to spread and incorporate slurry.

The specification of the Kaweco tanker includes an ISO-BUS control terminal which includes an automatic active steering system on the tanker’s suspended axles. The tanker is fitted with a telescopic arm with two 6-inch intake pipes and a centrifugal pump that allows the 24,000 litres to be filled in about two minutes.

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