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Stackyard News Apr 08

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    PCV2 Vaccine Voucher Scheme Launched

The £1.5million vaccine voucher research project being run by BPEX is now up and running. The scheme will provide vouchers for PCV2 vaccines and is open to all English producers.


The project is open to producers already using a Circovirus vaccine as well as to new users and vouchers will be supplied monthly and will only be valid for one month - the first voucher will be valid until the end of May for vaccine purchased in April 2008.

BPEX Director of Pig Industry Development Mark Wilson said: "The BPEX board is supporting this project because PMWS and PDNS remain the greatest health challenge to the English pig industry leading to continued poor physical performance and increased production costs.

"In tackling this challenge the aim is to build a more sustainable and competitive industry for the future."

The objective of the research project is to measure the effects of PCV2 vaccination of sows or piglets on herd health, welfare, mortality and physical performance by unit, region and on a national scale.

BPEX, veterinary practices and the pharmaceutical companies involved will then be able to offer clear scientifically-based advice on the cost benefits of using Circovirus vaccines.

This is a research project and, in return for providing vouchers, BPEX will need information from producers on pre- and post-vaccination performance.

Summary details of the previous month's breeding and feeding herd key performance indicators will have to be supplied with the application for each voucher. The pre-vaccination performance details will be collected by questionnaire at a later date.

The application form for the project is being posted to all assured farms. Further copies can be downloaded from the BPEX website, and applications can also be made online through this website. The online application route is preferred.
EWA Bespoke Communications will manage the logistics of the scheme on behalf of BPEX and they will be processing all of the application forms.

Mark said: "The funding allocated to this project from levy reserves is limited to £1.5 million. Depending on the uptake this might last for up to nine months but it may be far shorter!

"Please get in touch with the BPEX Knowledge Transfer managers for further information or clarification, if required. Contact details are available on the BPEX website."

Farms that produce only weaner pigs will be eligible to make joint applications with a unit to which they supply pigs for finishing.

The value of the voucher will be £2.20 per dose of sow vaccine and 40p per dose of piglet vaccine. Vouchers will be sent to producers following approval of their application. Vouchers must then be returned with veterinary receipt for that month's PCV2 vaccine. The receipt must clearly state the veterinary surgeon, veterinary practice, month, vaccine used, number of doses supplied and the unit involved.

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