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Legato Life Pulsators offer Savings for Dairy Farmers

A new range of electronic pulsators which give excellent milking efficiency and low energy consumption has been launched by Fullwood.

The new Legato Life pulsator from Fullwood offers improved parlour performance and low energy consumption.

Legato Life pulsator

The Legato Life pulsators represent the next generation of electronic units which set a new benchmark in precision pulsation. The pulsators have been designed to minimise vacuum fluctuations and to optimise the milking and massage phases. As such, this allows for faster and more efficient milking of each cow, with rapid and uniform milking. This not only preserves udder health, but also ensures that milk quality is not jeopardised and even allows for parlour throughput rates to be improved, resulting in less time spent in the parlour.

The pulsators also have the added bonus of long product life and excellent reliability which are the result of the Legato Life’s robust design and tough construction.

Each unit is sealed to ensure total protection against external water and the pulsator’s design ensures low electrical consumption which not only saves energy, but also reduces the risk of oxidisation of internal electrical contacts.

legato life“Due to the demanding workload of modern dairy farming, it is easy to overlook details such as correct pulsator operation,” explains Les Strickland, Fullwood UK field sales manager. “In fact, poorly maintained pulsators can lead to longer milking times, and also result in poor udder health and reduced milk quality. Regular inspections of all parts of the milking plant are therefore vital in order to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency.”

“Fullwood’s new Legato Life pulsators are quick and easy to install, require no routine maintenance and are extremely reliable,” Mr Strickland continues. “Once installed, farmers can have confidence that their pulsators are performing correctly.”

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