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    Pork Industry Will Die If Prices Don’t Improve, MPs Told

NFU Scotland representatives will join five hundred pig producers at a rally in London today (March 4) to protest about the low returns they are receiving and draw MPs’ attention to the real danger of losing British pork forever if prices do not improve.



Feed prices have doubled in recent months and pig farmers face an average loss of £26* on every pig they produce.

NFUS Vice-President, Nigel Miller and Pigs Committee Chairman, Robin Traquair will lead the Scottish contingent as they join producers from across the United Kingdom to present a petition at No. 10, Downing Street.

NFU Scotland’s Pigs Committee Chairman, Robin Traquair says:

“We are calling on MPs to recognise the precarious situation which Britain’s pigs producers are facing through no fault of their own. Government must understand that we cannot have it both ways: producing highest quality pork domestically and then undercutting it with imports produced to lower animal welfare and food safety standards.

“The solutions to the problem are simple; retailers should increase the price paid to farmers, and consumers can play their part too by checking the label and making sure they buy British pork.

“Retailers have said they are sympathetic to our plight, but this has not been translated into higher prices. In the meantime, they appear to be waiting for pork to become scarce to force the price up without realising that by the time this happens, it will be too late for most British producers.”

  • The demonstration has been organised by the National Pig Association: *for more information see;
  • The rally will begin at 12.30 when the petition is submitted to No. 10, Downing Street and continue until 4pm.
  • NFU President, Peter Kendall, NFU Vice-President Meurig Raymond and UFU President Kenneth Sharkey are attending the demonstration as well.

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