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    The UK Pesticide Guide – Celebrates 21 Years of Publication

The 21st edition of The UK Pesticide Guide 2008 is now available and provides farmers and growers with the most up-to-date information relating to UK approved products, for agriculture, horticulture, forestry and amenity use.

UK Pesticide Guide 2008

“The UK Pesticide Guide has been a valuable asset to UK agriculture for the past 21 years - and still is,” endorses Mr Tony Pexton, farmer and Chairman of the Assured Combinable Crops Scheme. “It is an increasing requirement for farmers and growers to be in possession of up-to-date pesticide information, as required by our customers and as part of cross compliance. We must all have the current information on resistance strategies, approvals and mixes for example and this annual publication is definitely an important source of knowledge for the industry and will be for many years to come.”

This edition of the Guide provides invaluable information on over 1,300 pesticide products in current use in the UK, including six new active ingredients; bifenazate, flumioxazin, imazamox, indoxacarb, isoxaflutole and mandipropamid. Mode of action codes, published by the Fungicide, Herbicide and Insecticide Resistance Action Committees, are included for the first time in order to help farmers and advisers make effective and sustainable product choices to prevent the development of resistance.

Dick Whitehead has been editing The UK Pesticide Guide since 1994 and this year he retires as editor. “The 21st edition reflects the importance that this publication has for the UK crop production industry,” explains Mr Whitehead. “The book is always a popular choice for those on the move who need information at their fingertips when planning their spray programme.”

BCPC will be announcing Dick Whitehead’s placement in the near future.
“The identity and nature of active ingredients, and the structure of the industry that provides them, have seen significant changes over the 21 years that we have been publishing this Guide,” says Mr Whitehead. “Our aim is to continue to provide access to up-to-date information on new products and the increasingly complex and demanding legislation that surrounds them. We are sure that our customers will therefore welcome the launch of a new on-line version –– which goes live within the next few weeks and takes over from the CD-Rom version which was introduced in 1999” he adds.

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