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Stackyard News Dec 07

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Farmers Donate Scottish Sprouts for Christmas

NFU Scotland members are donating Christmas Brussels sprouts to two nursing homes in West Lothian on Wednesday 19 December as part of its ‘What’s on Your Plate?’ campaign, to spread good will and highlight the quality of Scottish food and drink over the Christmas period.


The festive branch of the What’s on Your Plate? campaign is following a ‘12 Days of Christmas’ theme and farmers from around the country are getting out and about prior to Christmas to promote 12 of the high quality Scottish food and drink items that they help produce for Christmas meals, from the turkey to the sprouts!

This event sees farmers from the region going along to donate Brussels sprouts, kindly supplied by Robert Kirk and Kettle Produce, to two local nursing homes; Linlithgow Nursing Home and Grange House Nursing Home in Boness.

Jamie Smart, a sprout farmer and NFUS member from West Lothian, said:

“The traditional Christmas Dinner has evolved into the meal it is today because all of the ingredients can be produced within Scotland and many are in season during December. Brussels sprouts are grown in many parts of Scotland, particularly the central region and a Christmas dinner simply wouldn’t be the same without them.

“Scottish farmers have been planning Christmas all year and we are keen to do what we can to help people have the chance to taste what we produce so that they then continue to buy Scottish food and drink. We have already visited schools with free carrots, given lamb rolls to shoppers and offered people the chance to win a Christmas turkey. It’s now the turn of the humble Brussels sprout and so we are donating some to a good cause.

“It has been calculated that the average Christmas dinner has travelled a total distance of nearly 85,000 miles to your plate, why bother unnecessarily buying food from elsewhere, when the best in the world is available on your doorstep?

“Look out for Scottish labels when shopping and you will be helping to support locals farmers, local communities and the countryside for which Scotland is world famous, not to mention the entire Scottish economy. Back Scotland and buy Scottish!”

What’s on Your Plate? campaign details can be found on

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