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Stackyard News Oct 07

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    Amino Gold Lifts Milk Yields

Specialist feed company, SCA NuTec, is launching a new feed additive, Amino Gold, at Agriscot on November 14, 2007. Added to TMR rations, on-farm trials have shown that Amino Gold can, very cost-effectively, increase milk yields by 2 to 2.5 litres of milk as well as constituents.

Norman Downey, SCA NuTec
Norman Downey, SCA NuTec

A sugar mineral complex, Amino Gold works by improving rumen efficiency. “A typical dairy cow eats more than 4kg of protein a day, based on an 18% protein ration, and produces less than 1kg of protein in the milk,” says SCA NuTec’s ruminant manager Norman Downey. “This is only about 25% efficient.”

Much of the inefficiency in protein is in the rumen. “One prime culprit is the protozoa in the rumen that eats rumen bacteria and creates ammonia that is converted to urea and excreted as urine,” adds Mr Downey. “Amino Gold is designed to increase rumen bacteria through its effect on protozoa which in turn increases available protein for milk production.”

Amino Gold can also bind to rumen protein to slow down the rate of release of rumen degradable protein. This leaves more protein to pass through the rumen and into the milk production process.

Added at the rate of 100g per cow per day, Amino Gold provides a combination of extra metabolisable protein, more rumen bacteria and extra methionine. The result is improved diet digestion, better protein utilisation and more energy leading to increases in milk, fat and protein yields.

UK trials have shown a yield increase of between 2 to 2.5 litres of milk in cows in their first 200 days of lactation and more persistent yields in mid- and late-lactation cows. Milk proteins have also increased in some cases by up to 0.2%.

“Amino Gold costs 9.5p per day per cow,” adds Mr Downey. “As milk prices improve, this is a significant return on investment of at least 4 to 1. Improving feed efficiency and reaping the benefit of better milk prices this winter makes Amino Gold an attractive option for producers.”

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