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Stackyard News Jul 07

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Longtown Primestock Sale

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 92 Prime cattle, 7 Young bulls, 17 OTM cattle, 2,956 Prime lambs, 335 hoggs and 4,294 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 5th July, 2007.

longtown prime sheep

In the prime cattle section under 24 month heifers were sought after at high rates selling to 136.5p for Limousin heifers form J & N Blaylock & Son, Hallburn and purchased by Messrs Nattrass, Butcher, others to 131.5p Hallburn, Belgian Blues 128.5p Hallburn to Border Meats.

Limousin bullocks to 132.5p, 129.5p, 127.5p Dashwellgreen others 126.5p Hallburn, 124.5p The Gill & Dashwellgreen.

Young bulls sold to 118.5p, 115.5p for Limousin from Southlambhill. Friesians to 93.5p Dinwoodie Green.

In the OTM section Belgian Blue cows sold to 97.5p from Lowtodholes, Friesians to 66.5p Smalmstown, 65.5p Harelow Hole, Angus 70.5p Guards Farm. Otm heifers to 91.5p for Limousin from Sceughdyke, Angus bullocks to 90.5p Townfoot, Belgian Blue bulls to 81.5p Low Moat.

The prime lambs were forward in larger numbers and saw all buyers keener, with trade remaining as dear as last weeks high rates to average 124.5p to a top of 140p for Texels from Townfoot, who also had top price per head of £66.70. Other Texels to £58.20 Westhills, £57.70 High Parkfoot, Suffolks £58.70 Hallees, £57.90 Allanshaws, Charollais £60.20 Pates Hill, £57.20 Quarryfield, Halfbreds £56.30 Allanshaws, Greyfaces £46.70 Drumcork, Beltex £52.60 Nunscleugh, Cheviot Mules £45 Alderley, Blackfaces £41.20 Penpeugh.

Light lambs were also larger numbers and were easy to sell to average 124p overall to a top of 141p for Texels from Townfoot, others to 139.4p Stackbraes, 139.1p Newbiggen.

Top price per head was £48.80 for Texels from Stackbraes, others £48.70 Newbiggin, £45.60 Whitfield. Suffolks £42.90 Lands, £41.90 Dallowie, Charollais £41.80 Netherton, Greyfaces £38.70 Mossband House, others £37.90 Stackbraes, £37.80 Dallowie, Beltex £38.40 Pallet Hill.

Hoggs were forward in smaller numbers, good meated sorts still good to sell. Top price was 100p for Cheviots from Messrs Cowen, Itonfield. Top price per head £49.50 for Texel from Whitstone Hill, others £47.80 Copperthorns.

A larger show of cast ewes and rams found buyers very keen and all classes realised more money on the week. Top was £72.50 for heavy Texel ewes from Wester Dunnett, others £71.50 Oust Farm. Suffolks £66.50 Hallees, Suffolk x £60.50 Home Hill, Charollais £62.50 Ballyclare, £60.50 Roadside, Halfbreds £56.50 Lighthouse, North Country Cheviots £56.50 Muircleugh, £54.50 Wester Dunnett, Leicesters £58.50 East Highberries, Greyfaces £48.50 Huntington, £43.50 Chaltburn, £42.50 Millentae, Cheviot Mules £44.50 Copperthorns, Beltex £67 Ballyclare, £66.50 Roadside.

Hill ewes £38.50 for Cheviots from Whitcastles, Blackfaces £36.50 Bankend, £35.50 Waterloo, Swaledales £31.50 Nunscleugh, £31 Stackbraes, LLeyns £31.50 Newry, Kendal Roughs £36.50 Stackbraes.

Rams to £74.50 for Suffolks from Ballinliss, Texels £70 Stackbraes, Charollais £70 Lydden House, Beltex £56.50 Waterhole, Leicesters £50 Stackbraes, Kendal Roughs £40.50 Stackbraes, Zwartbles £46.50 Eddisford Bridge, Blackfaces £42.50 Penpeugh.


Light to 82.5p ( 82.5p)
Medium to 122.5p ( 97.3p)
Heavy to 132.5p (114.1p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 136.5p (122.6p)
Heavy to 131.5p (111.4p)

Young Beef Bulls to 118.5p (105.0p)

Light to 83.3p ( 72.5p)
Standard to 100.0p ( 86.0p)
Medium to 96.7p ( 85.9p)
Heavy to 97.6p ( 81.6p)
Shearlings to 81.1p ( 57.0p)

Light to 131.8p (118.5p)
Standard to 141.0p (122.7p)
Medium to 140.0p (125.3p)
Heavy to 125.4p (120.7p)
Others to 119.2p (112.0p)

Light to £38.50 (£21.74)
Heavy to £72.50 (£43.80)

Cast Rams £74.50 (£49.38)

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