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Semex AI-24 Heatime Could Transform Bovine Fertility Management

Semex UK has consolidated its position as one of the UK’s leading bovine genetics businesses by securing an exclusive distribution contract for one of the most advanced fertility detection systems in the world, Heatime, which will form an integral element of its newly launched revolutionary breeding management package – Semex AI-24.

Pictured following the signing of the new contract between Semex UK and Fabdec, which took place at the University of Bristol Veterinary School, are (l-r) Ghassan Haddad, Sales & Marketing Director, Fabdec, David Danson, General Manager, Semex UK, and Christopher Powell, Managing Director, Fabdec.

Semex UK and Fabdec

Semex AI-24 is a total breeding management concept, aimed at empowering producers to take more complete and effective control of their breeding activities, leading to greater efficiencies and cost-savings – without compromising on results. Encompassing technological industry-firsts such as the new Semex Heatime; expert technical training programmes and advice; and world-class stud, Semex AI-24 has the potential to transform the way UK breeders manage fertility. Key features include:

  • Semex Heatime – a unique 24-hour, easy to use electronic heat detection system – an exclusive supply arrangement with official UK distributor, Fabdec, sees Semex the only breeding company in the UK to offer this new technology
  • Semex Promate – the world’s most advanced computer mating system with a database of over 80,000 bulls, used to calculate in-breeding levels
  • Semex DIY – an insemination training programme enabling producers to conduct inseminations themselves
  • Semex Stud – an extensive portfolio of world-beating pedigree and non-pedigree semen
  • Semex Technical – expert technical advice and support on all aspects of reproduction management including bio-security

ai 24 semexSemex Heatime enables producers to monitor cows 24 hours a day, identifying immediately those that are bulling and therefore ready for insemination and also those that are not cycling, alerting farmers to take corrective action early – both helping save cost through immediacy. The system is very easy to use comprising an electronic neck collar, a reader located conveniently at a point that the herd passes regularly, and a control box that analyses the information. Heat detection is monitored automatically, thereby freeing staff for other duties.

Semex Heatime also offers improved accuracy and more reliable data transfer through infrared technology, which reveals exactly when a cow should be inseminated during even the shortest window of opportunity. This heightened accuracy will reduce the number of inseminations needed to ensure pregnancy, thus offering savings in semen cost. It further offers the possibility of significant savings through shorter calving intervals and in the cost of semen.

“Semex AI-24 is set to become the industry standard as an integrated breeding management system designed for the 21st century, aiming to directly address the key issues facing dairy farmers in a technically superior and very cost effective way and enhance their own breeding input and capabilities throughout,” says Semex UK General Manager, David Danson.

“Heatime is critical to this package and Semex will be the only UK genetics company to offer this very valuable heat detection technology directly to the farmer offering tangible benefits in terms of saving time, money and effort – but also delivering desired results,” he added. “With our product portfolio now containing some of the most targeted and cost-effective genetics and support packages on the market, Semex is offering producers the opportunity to take a major step forward in managing their business.”

For one-on-one detailed discussions on how SEMEX AI-24 works and its availability, contact David Taylor (Northern England and Scotland) on 07817 263 465.

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