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Stackyard News Dec 06

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    Recycling - a Solution to the Farm Plastic Problem

As a result of impending legislation to stop the burial or burning of farm plastic, Carlisle-based mart firm Harrison & Hetherington has worked with Solway Recycling to secure special discounts for its customers.

plastic wrapped bales

Solway Recycling, of Shawhead, Dumfries, operates a nationwide, one-stop recycling service for farmers and rural businesses and the special arrangement negotiated with H&H is:

· A free starter pack comprising three Solway liners and a Farm Waste Policy

· A 35 per cent saving on farm collections if liners are brought to H&H’s centres on special collection days

· A bin discount voucher for the value of £30.00 that is redeemable against the cost of a Solway Bin valued at £235.00 (ex VAT).
Harrison & Hetherington operations director David Pritchard said: “We felt we were ideally placed with our marts across Cumbria and Dumfriesshire to provide an important service to our customers in being able to offer a route to recycle farm plastic materials as well as helping the environment.

“By working closely with Solway Recycling we have been able to secure a deal which will help farmers meet the new regulations.”

Solway Recycling’s manager Andrew Prince said: “We are extremely pleased with this new partnership with H&H. The free offer should appeal to most farmers. It gets them onto the recycling system, and allows them to comply with the new waste laws for one year. And there is a huge bonus of a 35 per cent saving available by using the H&H centres as collection points of filled liners.’’

Mr Prince added: “Our Solway liners are a tidy, simple and effective storage method for different waste types. Farmers will find the Farm Waste Policy very useful for farm inspections as it will contain Waste Transfer Notes and an audit that is evidence of correct waste management.’

Solway asks that all plastic wastes are segregated by type and put into separate liners.
Silage plastic, wrap and small feed bags go together. Bulk bags are put in another. Spray drums, dosing bottles, mineral buckets and other hard plastics are combined. Finally string and net wrap are put in separate liners.

All spray drums and chemical drums are triple rinsed then they can be squashed into the liner.

While silage plastic and net wrap is always going to be contaminated, Solway asks that farmers put the plastic straight into liners to minimise contamination from stones, mud and weights used to stop loose plastic blowing around there yard.

The Waste Policy is for farmers to use as long as they stay with the system and is a useful evidence folder for farm inspections providing proof of correct waste management and recycling.

It is an audit of the wastes on their farm and a store for the important waste documents Solway provides such as Waste Transfer Notes, an Annual Report and Annual Recycling Certificate.

The popular Solway bin stands four feet high and is four feet in diameter. It is made of robust recycled plastic and is strong enough to cope with a large weight being lowered into it to compress the contents of the liner. It has a pivoting lid, which allows waste in and keeps the rain out.

Solway maintains that compressing plastics into the bin is the most efficient and cost effective method of using their service. It is normal for users to compress more than 200 wraps or 100 fertiliser bags into a liner.

When farmers have filled liners they can take them to an H&H mart on one of the specially arranged collection days. Savings of up to 35 per cent can be made if they take advantage of this special arrangement provided by H&H. The current charge from an H&H centre is £15.00 per liner.

On-farm collection charges in the Cumbria area are £20.00 to £23.00 per filled liner. Farmers also pay a small handing charge for each replacement liner they require.

Solway Recycling has been offering farmers a plastic recycling service since 1992 and members can telephone Solway Recycling for advice on waste issues on the waste hotline, 0870 8502953 which is answered by trained staff with many years’ experience in the waste industry.

Solway also operates the National Farmers Waste Service that incorporates a service for the disposal of hazardous wastes such as oil, tyres, sharps, asbestos, old chemicals and many others.

To find out more about how you can benefit from this offer, and the other services please contact your local H&H centre or ring Solway directly, quoting the special H&H deal on 01387 730666 or 0870 8502953 or visit

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