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Stackyard News Nov 06

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Export Boom For Aberdeen-Angus

The order book is full for Aberdeen-Angus cattle for export to the Continent following a breed promotion by the Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society at three major European shows.

Aberdeen-Angus cow and calf

Aberdeen-Angus cow and calf
The export push has been led by the Society’s president, Nigel Hammill, and chief executive, Ron McHattie, who last month, along with other breeders, manned breed promotional stands at Eurotier in Hanover, Germany, Polagra in Poznan, Poland, and Indagra in Bucharest, Romania.

Potential buyers from Germany and Estonia will be present at the Black Beauty Bonanza show at Thainstone Centre, Inverurie, next week, and a large party of German breeders have signalled their intention of being present at the Perth bull sales in February.

Since the lifting of the export ban earlier this year, more than 200 Aberdeen-Angus cattle have been exported to Estonia, Germany, Switzerland, Romania and France.

“This is just a start,” said Mr Hammill. “The potential is massive and is largely being driven by demand for Aberdeen-Angus cattle in Russia where a quality beef industry is developing fast.”

The Aberdeen-Angus stand at Eurotier, which featured two recently-imported Scottish-bred cattle, the yearling heifer, Cardona Edwina, and the young bull, Kincardine Castle Proud Jeff, kindly loaned by German Angus president, Karl-Otto Lauk, attracted thousands of visitors during the show’s week-long run.

“Two shows on a raised revolving stage in front of a four-minute slide show allowed us to present the Aberdeen-Angus breed to advantage to 100-strong audiences,” said Mr Hammill.

Enquiries have also been received for semen to improve the growing number of Aberdeen-Angus herds in Germany and also for use in dairy herds to produce bulls for slaughter.

“It is difficult to supply semen in this way as the infrastructure for daily insemination does not exist as in the UK, but we will pursue the opportunity in consultation with leading German breeders,” said Mr Hammill.

Demand from Germany is likely to be mostly for yearling heifers as females must calve by 27 months of age to qualify for the breed register although bulls are also required.

Other enquiries at Eurotier came from Turkey, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Khazakstan.

Mr Hammill and Mr McHattie were accompanied to Eurotier by vice-president, Colin Davidson, Skaill, Sandwick, Orkney, Hamish Sclater, Denhead Farms, Dunlugas, Turriff, Aberdeenshire, Karl Hancock, Whitebottom Farm, Compstall, Cheshire, and Northern Ireland breeders, Alwyn Armour and Neville Forsythe.

“This was a very successful effort and well worth the trouble that members took to prepare their displays,” said Mr Hammill.

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