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Stackyard News Jul 06

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New John Deere STS Hillmaster combine

John Deere’s 9880i STS combine is now available with Hillmaster, making it the highest capacity self-levelling combine in the world.
John Deere’s 9880i STS combine

This flagship model also features the new Rekord residue management system as standard, and was equipped at Cereals 2006 with a new pilot build Premium Flow all-crop cutting platform. This can be quickly adjusted for harvesting both cereal and rape crops; subject to successful field demonstrations in 2006, it will be available for all John Deere combines in 2007.

In combination with SlopeMaster, which maintains level land capacity on slopes up to seven per cent, the optional Hillmaster II levelling system offers full harvesting performance on slopes up to 22 per cent. This also leads to better traction and stability, as the entire combine body and cab are kept level and weight is distributed more evenly.

The combine’s new Premium straw chopper was piloted during 2005 and is now standard on the 9880i STS for 2006. This allows the operator to drop the straw and spread the chaff, which provides cleaner bales with no chaff content.

Alternatively, when chopping the straw the chaff spreader is reversed and the air flow is used to direct the chaff from the cleaning shoe into the spreader hood; the same airflow is used to boost the distribution of the chopped straw.

Changeover from windrowing to chopping is electrically operated, either from the side of the combine or from the cab. Crop deflectors are fitted as standard, and spread width can be easily adjusted without tools to compensate for side winds or hillside working, to keep the straw within the working width of the combine header.

In addition to a choice of standard 600R Series cutting platforms up to 9.1m (30ft), the new Premium Flow cutting platform offers an optional all-crop alternative in five different sizes from 5.5 to 9.1m (18 to 30ft). It can be adapted in less than 10 minutes to handle oilseed rape, providing more harvesting capacity in this crop without the need to fit a rape extension.

Based on the 600R Series mainframe and chassis, the platform’s Premium Flow elements are manufactured in Germany by Zürn. A series of chain driven belt conveyors utilise a unique, patented automatic tension system to ensure a positive flow of material between the knife section and the intake auger.

The platform also features John Deere’s HeaderTrak lateral tilt system as standard. This can be programmed to automatically maintain a preset stubble height and header ground pressure for different crops and conditions.

When the options of HarvestSmart automatic feedrate control and GreenStar AutoTrac assisted steering are combined with HeaderTrak, the operator is free to monitor the combine’s overall performance, and has complete control over the speed and quality of the harvest.

Power for the 9880i STS (single tine separation) combine comes from a fuel efficient, electronically controlled 12.5 litre PowerTech engine, developing a maximum of 493hp. Designed by John Deere, this engine provides a power boost of up to 14 per cent at 200rpm below rated speed, when needed to maintain output in tough harvesting conditions. The high torque 30kph transmission also provides improved performance on hills, and faster field operation.

The 9880i features a standard Hi-Performance rotor for handling higher crop volumes with improved separation, resulting in enhanced grain and straw quality. The 50 per cent higher capacity grain unloading system allows the 11,000 litre grain tank to be emptied in just 90 seconds.

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