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Stackyard News May 06

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John Deere cuts the cost of baling

New for the 2006 season, John Deere XtraNet 3600 is a much longer roll of the company’s branded netwrap, which is designed to substantially cut baling costs.
John Deere XtraNet

Advances in raw material and manufacturing technology have resulted in a minimum length of 3600m in every roll. John Deere XtraNet 3600 is therefore 20 per cent longer than all standard 3000m plain netwrap currently available, guaranteeing significant user benefits in cost and convenience.

More importantly, the new rolls can significantly reduce the cost per bale, as fewer rolls will be needed to wrap the same number of bales. For example, to wrap 10,000 1.2m bales would normally take at least 34 rolls of standard 3000m white net, while only 28 of the new longer XtraNet rolls would be required.

“Many customers are used to purchasing their netwrap by comparing roll prices, instead of considering the actual cost per metre,” says Keith Ockenden, sales director of UAT, the distributor of John Deere XtraNet 3600. “The longer rolls mean many more bales per roll can be produced than with previous makes of net, enabling greater output and efficiency from the baler, and giving significant reductions in actual bale wrapping costs.”

Since its introduction in 2000, John Deere’s netwrap has become one of the leading brands, with a range of innovative features. Full bale coverage is provided by Tama’s patented ‘Edge to Edge’ technology, allowing users to benefit from higher quality bales. The netwrap also incorporates a distinctive, easily visible asymmetrical zebra stripe pattern to assist in loading rolls and feeding out bales.

Additional benefits include roll handles for safe, easy carrying and plastic moulded cradles to hold the rolls securely on the delivery pallet. Further details can be obtained from John Deere dealers and by visiting the website.

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John Deere
John Deere