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Stackyard News May 06

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New Holland runs a TM190 Tractor for 500 consecutive hours

New Holland succeeded in the challenge of completing 500 hours of uninterrupted work under real conditions with a TM190 tractor.

New Holland TM190 tractor

The ultimate challenge
Following 22 days of trials, the team finally drew to a standstill with the satisfaction of having completed the challenge. From the 20th April onwards, drivers took turns at the wheel of a New Holland TM190 tractor, ploughing and carrying out heavy cultivation work, as well as road transportation across five farms located in the Bordeaux region of France. 22 days on a tractor under real conditions, working day and night.

A large-scale trial
New Holland chose a 194hp tractor, a standard TM 190, to demonstrate the performance capability of its machinery. By working non-stop for 500 hours, this trial reproduced the work patterns of its most intensive-working customers, such as large-scale farmers and contractors. The trial was made even tougher by using 100% biodiesel.

This is the first time that a manufacturer has submitted itself to a test of this calibre in public. New Holland has demonstrated the confidence it places in its products, and most of all the faith it has in its TM tractor range.

Working with the environment: 20% biodiesel
There is a growing demand for biodiesel in agriculture. New Holland's concern for the environment and for supporting all its customers has led to today's announcement that on all its current production equipment with CNH engines, it is now possible to use up to 20% blend biodiesel, providing they comply with European standard EN14214. New Holland is also running an intensive programme of testing to evaluate the performance of all its engines with higher blends of biodiesel. New Holland has secured its position as a bona fide supporter of biofuels, and has become the first tractor manufacturer to support the use of biodiesel in such high blends across most of its product range in all markets.

"Biodiesel will open up new opportunities to us," said Mr Menara, a farmer from Le Clavier (Landes) who took part in the trial. "It's a definite plus for today's agriculture and, more importantly, for the future. I am thinking above all of the young generation of farmers: for them biodiesel will add a new industrial outlet for their crops. I deeply congratulate New Holland for organising this trial, it really shows New Holland's commitment for the future!"

The TM Endurance Trial tractor
The TM190 tractor was chosen by New Holland to be its standard bearer in this challenge. A new standard-specification tractor was delivered and prepared by the dealer in the same manner as a tractor due to be delivered to a customer. The 6 cylinder, 7.5 litre engine is capable of generating 194hp nominal power. The tractor's average consumption throughout the ploughing stages of the test, with an eight-furrow vari-width Kuhn plough, settled at around 25 to 26 litres per hour. The only stops were routine maintenance checks recommended by the maintenance programme for the use of biodiesel, which requires a specific maintenance schedule with shorter intervals. The TM190 is an ideal general-purpose tractor for areas like Bordeaux, where low weight and high performance is perfect for minimum soil damage and maximum versatility, as well as being perfectly suited to road transport applications.

A well-prepared trial
A challenge of this calibre also proved to be an outstanding adventure for the individuals involved, and attracted New Holland personnel from a number of countries along with dealers and customers. The entire operation was prepared in just three months. It was necessary to find 1000 hectares of land to work and, of course, secure the partners' participation in the project. Implements were provided by Kuhn, while Continental and Total supplied tyre and biodiesel respectively. Five customers opened their doors to the New Holland challenge and became deeply involved, as their staff and their neighbours took turns on the tractor to complete the adventure. Members of the New Holland team stayed up through the night waiting to drive: not a minute's rest for the tractor!

The TM's impeccable performance
From nearby farms and from across Europe, customers, sales staff and dealers came to see the TM190 perform during the 500hr challenge. For example on the 4th May, dealers from the Netherlands came to visit the TM Endurance Trial team, underlining sense of excitement the TM challenge created.

As each driver finished his stage, a confident mood could be felt across the team. One driver, Mr Faucouneau, from the nearby Domaine du Preuil , completed a total of 30 hours at the wheel of the TM190, said:  "The tractor has now been running for over 300 hours and it is performing impeccably. I didn't notice any loss of power at all, compared with a 194hp tractor running on conventional diesel. I kept my eye on the engine temperature and it is not moving at all! The cab was perfectly sealed, which was very good, given the huge quantity of dust and the air conditioning worked flawlessly, in spite of temperatures reaching 30oC.  I can tell you, the tractor performed to my complete satisfaction!"

GPS to help driving
For the challenge, EZ-Guide® Plus and EasySteer systems were used to increase driver comfort while carrying out the cultivation tasks.  These systems proved invaluable for the drivers working long hours through the night, greatly reducing their levels of stress and fatigue.  The EZ-Guide Plus system enables drivers to operate with confidence in all weather conditions, day and night, without the strain of looking for the markers while maintaining 25 cm pass-to-pass accuracy. As the demands on today's farmers grow in this highly competitive business, ergonomics and systems such as these play a key role in supporting our customers' success.

Tyres up to the task
The tyres used on the TM190 were Continental Tyres, size 540/65 x 30 for the front wheels and 650/65 x 42 for the back wheels. These tyres proved particularly long-lasting and efficient in every situation.

Key figures:
- 35 drivers took turns at driving,
- 500 hours of work were carried out under real conditions,
- 5 different operations hosted the challenge on their lands
- 300 km were covered on the road linking the plots of land
- main Equipment used: a Kuhn 8 furrow, semi-mounted plough

A few dates:
- 19 April: the tractor is delivered to the Jacques-Jean Dealership.
- 0 h, 20th April at midday: start of the challenge; the TM 190 set out with the Kuhn 8 furrow plough at the Agriméda farm in Saint Laurent du Médoc
- 24 April: transfer to Bouglon, driving through Bordeaux at night
- 25 April, arrival at Mr Ménara's farm in Bouglon
- 2nd May, transfer to Domaine du Preuilh in Belin Beliet
- 5th May, arrival at Mr Larrere's in Liposthey
- 9th May, transfer to Mr Leroux's farm in Sore,
- 13th May, completion of the challenge

A few key facts:
- 50 h, the first Service was carried out
- 122 hours completed on April 25
- May 1st, the tractor is half way through the challenge, with 250 hours
- May 2nd at 10.00 am: 300 hours maintenance stop
- May 11, during the night, 500 hours are completed

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