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Stackyard News Feb 06

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    Local Potato Grower Supporting National Chip Week

Local Potato grower, Colin Bradley is proactively supporting National Chip Week.

Colin Bradley and David Linton of SA Bowman discuss their promotional offer to Chip Shops as part of National Chip Week.
Colin Bradley and David Linton of SA Bowman discuss their promotional offer to Chip Shops as part of National Chip Week
“ Through our merchanting business SA Bowman, we supply Great British Chip Shops across the Northwest with the best quality potatoes and freshly prepared chips” says Colin.  “ We firmly believe in providing Chip Shops with a fantastic tasting product that is backed up by complete quality control, assurance and traceability.  To this end we are one of the few suppliers in the Northwest that supplies British Quality Chip Charter approved potatoes.”

Brits all over the country are going chip crazy once again to celebrate National Chip Week (13-19 February 2006) as it hits its 15th year. Whatever you’re planning this Valentine’s Day, be sure to embrace one of the nation’s favourite foods and love chips.

National Chip Week gives us the opportunity to enjoy Great British Chips in all shapes and sizes

The good news is that chips can be part of a healthy balanced diet. For example, did you know?  

  • An average portion of battered cod and chips has fewer calories, at least half the saturated fat and just a tenth of the salt of a cheese and tomato pizza
  • An average portion of battered cod & chips contains at least a quarter of the fat and a third fewer calories than a serving of either chicken tikka masala & pilau rice, or sweet and sour pork and egg-fried rice
  • Thick chips absorb less oil than thin ones, so chunky chips are a lower-fat option
  • You can get almost a third of your daily vitamin C from a portion of chips.  A 100g serving of oven chips contains 12mg of vitamin C - that’s double the amount of vitamin C in an apple

Did you know that chips are made from potatoes?
Results from a survey, conducted by the British Potato Council, showed that 1 in 3 women admitted to not knowing oven chips were made from potatoes when in fact some oven chips have just two ingredients - potatoes and sunflower oil.

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