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Stackyard News Feb 06

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    New Environmental Scheme Seeding Guidelines

Selecting the most appropriate seed mixture for various management options within the different Environmental Schemes has become much easier, thanks to a simple guide published by British Seed Houses.

The new guide sets out the management options that have a seeding requirement and matches a proprietary seed mixture that will meet Scheme requirements for England, Scotland and Wales.

"Similar principles apply for all the agri-environment schemes organised by DEFRA, SEERAD and Tir Gofal," comments British Seed Houses director Michael Shannon. "But what is common to all of them is the ability to choose from a range of environmental management options.

"The various scheme handbooks do not offer detailed seed mixture prescriptions for any given management option. In fact, guidance is deliberately vague - but by following our new matrix, you will be able to find a sound seed mixture for whatever requirement you have in mind," he says. Copies of the new guide are available by contacting 01694 731777.

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