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Stackyard News Feb 06

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    BASCO … ready for livestock Societies to sign-up

BASCO’s livestock data system, created by the UK livestock industry, for the UK livestock industry and unveiled to livestock organisations was welcomed by DEFRA’s Livestock and Meat Trade Adviser, Mike Roper.

From left: Robyn Hulme, BASCO chairman; Steven McLean BASCO director and Business Manager; Mike Roper, DEFRA Livestock and Meat Trade Adviser; Prof Geoff Simm, SAC Sustainable livestock Systems Group Manager

“The BASCO database is a key part of sustainable management of the rich diversity of genetic resources in the UK and will have an impact on animal production world wide,” Mr Roper acknowledged.

He continued: “Livestock genetics is at the start of any livestock chain - from sperm to spoon. Furthermore the initiative has come up from the industry as a perceived need - I am very comfortable with this approach coming from a commercial background in the pig industry.”

Mr Roper endorses government support - the database received a £453,700 grant, the biggest ADS (Agricultural Development Grant) ever awarded to the beef and sheep sectors. He said that there was concern to see the capacity of the UK to manage genetic evaluation “slipping away.”

He said that WTO negotiations and public demand would expose the industry to a lot of pressure and more competition. “BASCO will give the UK livestock sector the ability to be more market focused and forward looking to the final market,” said Mr Roper.

BASCO’s business manager, Steven McLean told some 60 breed delegates: “The competition is not between breed Societies, but the red meat sector and the rest. The ADS funding will significantly enhance the phase one database: Improving access and use of objective information; enabling breed decisions to meet market requirements and enhancing marketing of improved breeding stock.”

The future-proofed database, created by Graham Technology, is designed to enable all breed Societies to retain individual identity and confidentiality. Each BASCO client interface is customised and has exclusive access setting down independent entry criteria for it’s users.

Mr McLean said: “BASCO aims to add value for breed societies and breeding groups. Already our strategic partners, SAC’s Genetic Evaluation Services and MLC Signet Breeding Services are providing the mechanism for access to data on performance, pedigree and management.

“The system is currently enabled to allow data transfer between BASCO and other UK databases including BCMS and the NSP. The system when integrated with MLC’s database early next month will provide ‘one version of the truth,’ thereby reducing data inputting and room for error, while increasing market opportunity associated with single source data capture. ”

BASCO’s chairman, Robyn Hulme told the audience: “We want to help members and societies drive costs down, while generating more easily available and current information on which our members’ business decisions can be made. The BASCO system will be affordable to all livestock groups. There is no cash buy in and no requirement to use all facilities, just a one-off fee as an animal goes on to the system.

He concluded: “Approaching the database as a farmer and pedigree breeder, input and retrieval must be simple, one entry must give me many different solutions. BASCO’s system is this and has an eye to the future.”

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