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Stackyard News Feb 06

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    Sweet Boost For Piglet Diets

A 15% increase in piglet daily live weight gain from seven days of age until a week after weaning, and a 17% boost over the subsequent two weeks are the benefits claimed for a new diet sweetener from C&H Nutrition.


In an independent feed trial in Germany, pigs fed a ration containing the saccharin-based sweetener Piggysweet averaged 236g/day up to a week after weaning. Pigs on the control diet averaged 207g/day. Between days 7 and 22 days post-weaning, the pigs on the sweetener-enhanced feed gained weight at the rate of 298g/day, compared with only 254g/day for the control.

A separate choice feeding study also confirmed a preference for a Piggysweet-enhanced diet from pigs growing between 9 and 27kg. Feed intake over the period was 35% greater on the Piggysweet ration when compared with a diet sweetened with a leading competitor product.

Dr Sian Ilsley says the trial results are consistent with other European studies, which highlight the positive natural sweetening power of Piggysweet and its ability to add value to early grower diets.

"Based on natural plant extracts, Piggysweet is sweeter than many other saccharin-based products and has a reduced metallic aftertaste," she reports. "We have been impressed with the comparative and choice feeding trial data and believe it to be a proven piglet appetite enhancer for UK producers."

Piggysweet can be fed to pigs up to four months of age and is included in diets at 150g/tonne.

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