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Stackyard News Jan 06

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Carbon monoxide essential to TB cull armoury

The NBA has told Defra that carbon monoxide gas must be included in a badger culling tool box and urgent government approval for it is essential.

It has said that those taking part in a cull must have good tackle at their disposal and that snaring or shooting are not enough on their own to provide an effective armoury .

“If carbon monoxide is used as the principal tool, and is backed up by other culling methods, the required culling intensity would be achieved,” explained NBA chief executive, Robert Forster .

“Exhaust gas from petrol engines already has a sufficiently high concentration of carbon monoxide and there are means of raising levels even higher.”

“Over 30,000 cattle are expected to be slaughtered as a result of TB testing this year and their deaths could have been avoided. Also some £140 million could be spent on TB controls - with over £250 million a likely expense in 2010 unless someone in Defra grasps the culling nettle.

“This means there are overpowering public arguments to support the use of carbon monoxide as the principal tool when a culling programme is adopted.”

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