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British Cattle Breeders Societies
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uk     Irish Moiled Cattle Society Irish Moiled Cattle Society  
  The Irish Moiled is one of our most distinctive breeds of cattle native to Ireland and more specifically they are the only surviving domestic livestock native to Northern Ireland.
      Murray Grey Beef Cattle Society Murray Grey Beef Cattle Society  
  The breed was imported to the UK in the early 1970’s, they had to compete with Continental cattle from Europe which were also arriving in the UK. They suffered from farmers trying to compare them with continental breeds, when they were bred to do a different job, namely a very good suckler cow.
      British Parthenais Cattle Society
British Parthenais Cattle Society
  The Parthenais breed is proving itself in Britain, providing high quality beef from commercial stickler herds, as well as when used on Holstein/friesians, from which the heifers are particularly sought for suckler replacements.
      uk piemontese
British Piemontese Cattle Society
  The first Piemontese cattle arrived in the UK in 1988 from the region of Piedmont in Northern Italy and farmers are now realising the potential of the breed as a terminal sire.
      Red Poll Cattle Society
Red Poll Cattle Society
  The Red Poll is listed by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust as being Endangered. The Society works to maintain the populatity of the Red Poll breed that was once so common throughout the country at the begining of the 20th Century.
      Riggit Galloway Cattle Society Riggit Galloway Cattle Society  
  The Riggit Galloway cattle are a well documented archaic strain of Galloway, easily identifiable by the white stripe, running down their spine. The main body colour can be black, blue/black, red, brown or dun.
      Shetland Cattle Breeders Association
Shetland Cattle Breeders Association
  The Shetland cow, like many traditional breeds, has suffered greatly from the switch to intensive livestock farming – so much so that it is currently classified as endangered by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.
      shorthorn society
Shorthorn Cattle Society
of the United Kingdom and Ireland
  Originally from the North East of England, the Shorthorn breed of cattle is recorded in the oldest herd book in the world...the Coates herd book.
      British Simmental Cattle Society
British Simmental Cattle Society
  Simmental has been bred in Britain for more than 25 years and has established itself as one of this country's premier beef breeds. Simmental: the dual purpose breed
for beef and milk, both for pure and crossbreeding.
      Sussex Cattle Society
Sussex Cattle Society
  A native British breed from the south east of England. The Sussex Cattle Society was established in 1878 and the first official Herd Book printed in 1879 recording calves born from 1840.
      welsh black
Welsh Black Cattle Society
  Welsh Black - native British breed formerly localised in Wales but now established throughout the UK. Originally dual purpose dairy/beef breed, now regarded as quality suckler beef producer.
      Whitebred Shorthorn
Whitebred Shorthorn Association
  Whitebred Shorthorns are mainly bred in the Scottish-English Border area and, although the origin of the breed is somewhat obscure, it is likely that they were derived from the red, white or roan, dual purpose Shorthorn cattle of Northern England.
      white park cattle
White Park Cattle Society
  The White Park can claim with confidence to be a truly ancient breed. In historical texts it was sometimes referred to as ‰White Forest­, but should not be confused with the similarly marked, but hornless, British White.
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