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UK Pedigree Cattle Breeders Societies
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Highlanders     highland cattle at beef 2000
Highland Cattle Society
  Forthcoming Conference - "Traditional Cattle for Upland Management and Beef" hosted by The Highland Cattle Society on 1 September 2000 in Perth
      holstein UKI Holstein UK and Ireland  
  Holstein UK and Ireland is Europe's largest independent breed society. It offers a range of services to the dairy farming industry targeted at improving the genetics and profitability of the Holstein breed.
      jersey cow The Royal Jersey Agricultural & Horticultural Society  
  The Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society was formed in 1833
      Jersey Cattle Society of the United Kingdom Jersey Cattle Society of the United Kingdom  
  They currently have a membership of almost 1000 and the Jersey is the second most popular dairy breed in the UK.
      The British Limousin Cattle Society Ltd.  
  The documented history of Limousin goes back more than 7,000 years to to an area surrounding the French city of Limoges where rough cave paintings have been discovered and carbon dated.
      Lincoln Red Cattle Society Lincoln Red Cattle Society  
  The Lincoln Red - a breed with ancient origins - probably brought in by the Viking invaders of Britain. Lincoln Red, one of the oldest of the UK's native beef breeds. Originally dual-purpose, the Lincoln Red female makes an excellent easy calving suckler cow.
      Longhorn Cattle Society Longhorn Cattle Society  
  The Longhorn Cattle Society is a registered Charity in the U.K. and was founded in 1878 to promote and improve the breeding of the ancient and magnificent English Longhorn Cattle, and to maintain their purity.
      Luing Cattle Society Luing Cattle Society  
  The Luing Breed was evolved by the Cadzow brothers on the Island of Luing which is situated off the West Coast of Scotland. There are now herds of Luing throughout Great Britain and Ireland, Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and South America.
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