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South African Cattle Societies and Registries
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Jersey South Africa
  It is generally accepted that the first Jerseys were imported by Mr. Adrian van der Byl of Roodebloem Estate, Woodstock, Cape, from Jersey Island, in the early 1880’s.
      south devon South Devon Cattle Breeders' Society
of South Africa
The first importations to arrive in South Africa reached the Cape from England in 1879. Today close on 350 males and 1 400 females are registered
      american simmental logo Simmentaler Cattle Breeders' Society of Southern Africa  
  The first Simmentalers were imported to South Africa in 1905. In 1964 breeders in Namibia and South Africa formed a Breeders’ Association for Southern Africa.
      Sussex Cattle Breeders Society
Sussex Cattle Breeders Society
  The first noteworthy importations of Sussex cattle into Southern Africa occurred during the first years of the twentieth century, when the late Mr Alec Holm of the Potchefstroom Agricultural College was sent to England to select a cattle breed best suited to Southern African conditions.
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