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South African Cattle Associations
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    afrikaner calf
Afrikaner Cattle Breeders' Society
of South Africa
  The history of Afrikaner cattle in South Africa is an interesting one and is closely associated with the history of the country’s people. These typical Box indicus animals, the most important of our indigenous breeds, were the first cattle encountered by Jan van Riebeeck shortly after he had arrived at the Cape.
      angus cattle South African Angus  
  The first importation of Angus into South Africa was in 1895. Angus cattle and breeders are dispersed widely all over South Africa.
      Ayrshire Cattle Breeders' Society  of South Africa
Ayrshire Cattle Breeders' Society
of South Africa
  James Rawbone of Somerset West imported the first Ayrshires to South Africa in 1890. Since then the breed has established itself as one of the important dairy breeds in the country.
      beefmaster The Beefmaster Cattle Breeders' Society  
  The Beefmaster breed has shown an enormous growth in South Africa. Currently, the Breeders' Society has 170 members with 25,000 recorded breeding animals.
      bonsmara The Bonsmara Cattle Breeders' Society  
  The Society was founded in 1964 and within 20 years has become the biggest of all beef and dual purpose breeds in South Africa. Today Bonsmaras are found throughout South Africa under all possible grazing and climatical conditions.
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