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Jersey Cattle Breeders Societies and Associations
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canada     Jersey Ontario
Jersey Ontario
  Jersey Ontario is a non-profit organization, providing innovative services to the Jersey Breeders throughout the province of Ontario. Jersey Ontario became an organization in 1946, when Jack Pawley became the first president.
united kingdom     Jersey Cattle Society
Jersey Cattle Society of the United Kingdom
  The Jersey Cattle Society was founded in 1878. They currently have a membership of almost 1000 and the Jersey is the second most popular dairy breed in the UK.
    jersey breeders
The Australian Jersey Breeders Society
  It is believed that the first Jerseys came to Australia as "ship cows". The first actual reference to Jerseys dates back to 1829.
    jersey argentina
Asociacion Argentina Criadores de Jersey
  The Jersey arrived in Argentina in 1909 and has adapted to the temperate zones in South America.
usa flag     ideal jersey cow
American Jersey Cattle Association
  Comprehensive information on programs and services, genetic evaluations, herd performance, and association activities.

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Youth Inspires UK Jerseys AGM
At the 2012 AGM, members were inspired by three pre-meeting presentations from young people with an enthusiasm for the breed that generated a feeling of optimism for the future.