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Jersey Cattle Breeders Associations, Societies and Clubs
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      world jersey cattle bureau
The World Jersey Cattle Bureau
  International organisation composed of national Jersey organisations, individuals and other organisations working co-operatively to improve the profitability of the Jersey cow.
new zealand     Jersey New Zealand
Jersey New Zealand
  New Zealand has the largest population of Jerseys in the world with some 800,000 Jerseys of all ages. At June 2005 there are 580,000 milking Jersey cows in the national herd of 3.9 million milking cows (15%).
united kingdom   UK Jerseys
Jersey Cattle Society of the United Kingdom
  The Jersey Cattle Society of the UK works to maintain the purity and improve the genetic merit and profitability of the Jersey breed in the UK for our members and breeders, whilst promoting the value and quality of the second largest dairy breed in the UK.
milking cows     jersey canada
Jersey - Canada
  The first record of Jerseys in Canada dates from 1868, when a Mr. Harrison Stephens imported from England a small herd of fifteen cows and two bulls for his son, Sheldon Stephens.
dairy cows     jersey sa
Jersey South Africa
  It is generally accepted that the first Jerseys were imported by Mr. Adrian van der Byl of Roodebloem Estate, Woodstock, Cape, from Jersey Island, in the early 1880’s.
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