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Horsch Launches New Machines at Agritechnica

2011 will no doubt be the most successful year in the history of the HORSCH Maschinen GmbH. The current sales figures show that the record sales of 180 million Euro from 2008 will even be exceeded and the forecasts for next year are positive too.

Horsch Terrano MT

Horsch Terrano MT

Horsch has developed innovative, new machines to maintain and even increase its market shares throughout Europe. The company is active in the cultivation, sowing technology, single grain technology, plant protection and, with the new Titan, harvest logistics sectors.

For the Agritechnica 2011, Horsch will expand its cultivation range, dividing it into four product lines; the Joker compact rotary harrow, the new Cruiser XL cultivator, the improved Terrano and the proven Tiger.

Terrano MT joins the range
At Agritechnica, Horsch will launch the Terrano MT to complement the FX and FM models. The Horsch Terrano MT is a cultivator specifically designed to ‘mix on top and loosen at the bottom’, a combination that makes it ideal for UK farming operations.

Available in 4m and 6m working widths, the Terrano MT has a 4-bar design with a middle chassis. The first two rows house the 520mm rotary harrow discs followed by two rows of TerraGrip tines with narrow low disturbance points. The Terrano MT is particularly suitable for the cultivation of heavy soils that have to be loosened deeply, but where harvest residues can only be incorporated in a very shallow manner to avoid coarse soil being transported to the surface.

The two-row DiscSystem allows for a shallow and intensively mixing cultivation and blockage-free operation, even with difficult residues and high quantities of straw. The DiscSystem produces a lot of fine soil and the working depth can be adjusted hydraulically.

The following two-bar tine system has a large tine spacing of 40 cm and narrow 40mm LD coulters resulting in a relatively low horsepower requirement. It allows for an intensive loosening down to a depth of 30 cm. Hardly any coarse soil is brought to the surface and the disc harrow horizon is crossed below. Due to the large tine spacing and the preceding discs, the Terrano MT is highly resistant to blocking.

Like the Terrano FM, the middle chassis offer excellent manoeuvrability on the headlands and extremely good ride quality on the road. In wet conditions the chassis can be used for an additional depth control with less weight transferred to the packer.

For a maximum consolidation the new Horsch SteelDisc packer with a 580mm diameter and a weight of 175 kg/m working width is used. A new highly durable design has proven effective on the heaviest soils with the Terrano MT leaving a good soil structure behind it.

Single grain technology on new Maestro
The mechanical Maistro RC and CC range are now joined by the new Maestro CC and SW, which feature Horsch’s revolutionary new pneumatic single grain technology. Developed in-house by Horsch, these machines and the precision seed control they offer bring new levels of speed a control to seed drills. Due to its exact grain singling, the Maestro can be universally used for maize, soy, sunflowers, sugarbeets and rapeseed.

New Crusier XL
The Cruiser XL is a completely new cultivator for shallow cultivation. Available in 5m and 6m mounted models and an 8m trailed version, the Cruiser XL is perfect for stubble cultivation as a fine cultivator for mechanical weed control, for loosening and venting the soils in spring and for seedbed preparation after plough.

New Pronto seed drills for large farms
Horsch is renowned for its no-till seed drills and launches three new models at Argitechinca. The Pronto SW is based on the successful Pronto DC and features a separate seed wagon with a 17,000 litre hopper for seed and fertiliser.

Especially for large farms in Eastern Europe, Horsch will launch the Pronto NT and the Sprinter NT. These are new no-till machines with working widths ranging from 12 to 24 metre, which enable direct sowing without any previous cultivation.

New Leeb sprayers
The Leeb GS 8000, which will be presented at the Agritechnica, is a further development of the plant protection sprayer GS 6000 with a tank capacity of 8,000 litres. Horsch UK plans to show the sprayer at the Cereals Show in 2012 in order to get feedback from customers.

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