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Stackyard News Aug 2010

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An Alternative to Toxoplasmosis Vaccine

For sheep farmers who are looking for an alternative to vaccinating ewes against Toxoplasmosis the Denis Brinicombe Group has a labour saving and easy to use solution in the form of Tub TOXO. This tub can be used protect all ewes not already infected by or successfully vaccinated against the disease.

From the Tubby range of products, Tub TOXO is based on the established Tub SF (Sheep’s Feet Tubby) containing a full balanced spectrum of minerals, trace element and vitamins including protected zinc and biotin to improve the strength of new hoof growth, selenium to benefit overall immunity along with vitamin E to boost colostrum quality and eventual lamb viability.

Ruth Clements from FAI Farms

Tub TOXO is a medicated product suitable for the treatment of ewes susceptible to Toxoplasmosis and any ewes of unknown disease status should have access to it.

This self-feed product contains a level of Decoquinate [Deccox] which is four times that which is required to fight coccidiosis, with the recommendation that for maximum protection it should be available continuously throughout the last 14 weeks of pregnancy.

Any ewes that have previously been exposed to the disease or have been vaccinated do not need to be treated as they will have built their own immunity, but any ewes that do abort should be isolated as soon as possible away from the ewes taking the Tub.

“Any shepherd bringing ewes or ewe lambs of unknown status into the flock should seriously consider isolating them and using Tub TOXO to reduce the number of abortions down to acceptable and expected levels in their flock,” said Managing Director, Keith Greig.

Treatment costs using the product are similar to those of vaccination including the 14 weeks of complete mineral supplementation


The recommended feeding rate is one tub for 7 ewes over the treatment period distributed at a rate of 1 tub per 25 ewes.

Toxoplasmosis, which could cost upwards of £100/ewe infected, at today’s high lamb prices can lead to a significant increase in abortions and barren ewes over the winter months.

Tub TOXO can only be obtained, from the Group, on a veterinary surgeon’s prescription.

Started in 1973 the Denis Brinicombe Group is still a family owned business with Head Offices and main manufacturing site in Crediton, Devon. They have a national coverage by over 50 representatives with transport depots and liquid feed manufacturing plants in Welshpool, Ripon and Carluke. Denis Brinicombe purchased FSL Bells from Tate & Lyle PLC in January 2002 and has continually invested since the acquisition.

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