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Stackyard News Jun 07

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Kuhn Farm Machinery at Cereals 2007

Kuhn had a strong presence at Cereals 2007, with the latest spreaders from the Axis range, new minimum tillage equipment, and additions to its ploughs range amongst the machinery on view.

Kuhn Axis 40.1 W

Kuhn Axis 40.1 W

Integral weighing aids spreading accuracy

Kuhn’s new generation Axis twin disc spreader is now available with integral weigh facilities. The Axis 40.1 W made its UK debut at Cereals 2007.

Kuhn’s Axis fertiliser spreader launched for the 2006 season has been heralded as a new generation of machine offering tangible benefits within progressive agriculture, including precision farming applications.

Patented distribution technology, known as Coaxial Distribution Adjustment (CDA), lies behind the machine’s ability to maintain consistently accurate spread patterns automatically at varying forward speeds and/or application rates. CDA, alongside innovative hopper and agitator design, also allows an unprecedented maximum mass flow rate of up to 500 kg/minute.

The Axis 40.1 W incorporates a proven weigh cell system based on that already established in Axera and MDS machines.

Integral weighing allows the Axis 40.1 W to adjust the rate of application in response to changing fertiliser quality and/or ambient humidity, for example. This is achieved through close control of fertiliser flow rate (by adjustment of the hopper outlet by the Quantron E electronic control system) in response to information from the two weigh cells mounted on the hitch frame.

The overall Axis range now offers working widths from 12m to 36m and hopper capacities from 1,200 to 3,000 litres. In addition to the advanced application technology, Axis has also been designed to offer simple and logical adjustment, whilst maintenance costs are kept low through generous use of stainless steel and economy in potentially wearing parts.

Application rate adjustment on the Axis is made simple and easy through the design of the DFC graduated scale. All distribution parts are 100% stainless steel and are easily accessible for cleaning and calibration.


Axis 20.1

Previously available only as the 30.1 and 40.1, Axis is now also available as the 20.1, with a smaller hopper capacity (from 1,000 litres) and with a specification that will make it more accessible to the smaller farm and suitable for smaller tractors.


Versatile minimum tillage drill

Kuhn’s new Speedliner pneumatic drill offers rapid and economical drilling, having the capability of working on ploughed land, minimal cultivated land, or as a direct drill on well-drained soils.

Lighter than Kuhn’s Fastliner minimum tillage drill, the Speedliner has a lower horsepower requirement and is available in 3, 4 and 6 metre formats, with the 4 and 6 metre machines being hydraulically foldable to 3 metres.

In the minimum tillage format, soil is worked with two rows of curved and offset discs and then pressed with a large diameter tyre roller. Double disc seeding units are mounted on a parallelogram arrangement, and pressure is adjustable from 20 to 70kg.

Seed distribution is based on Kuhn’s established Venta pneumatic system, and the hopper is mounted sideways for improved visibility. The seeding unit is hitched through a category III 3-point hitch for rapid release.


New tine coulter drill

Kuhn’s new Megant tine coulter pneumatic seed drill offers higher work rates and lower fuel consumption, and further expands the choice within its UK range, says the company.

The Megant, which was launched at SIMA 2007, comes in six working widths from 4 – 6 metres (4.0, 4.5, 4.8, 5.0, 5.6, and 6.0) and uses the highly successful Venta metering system with a 1700 litre hopper as standard.

Suited to minimum cultivation or for rapid sowing in heavy and rocky soil, the Megant incorporates a patented tine-fixing design that ensures good penetration and a constant seeding depth. When it meets a large obstacle, the tine has a vertical clearance of almost 20cm, and tine placement in 4 rows makes drilling easier even where there is heavy plant residue.

The blower is powered by the Megant’s independent hydraulic circuit using a pump connected directly to the tractor.  This facilitates Kuhn’s Vario-Drive feature, which allows constant seeding rate at varying PTO speeds (from 750 to 1000rpm), adding further opportunities for fuel economy.


Variable width plough for light ground

Kuhn’s new Vari-Master 112 makes all the advantages of Kuhn’s Vari-Master range available for use with medium powered (150hp) tractors.

Vari-Master ploughs are renowned for their robust one-piece headstock and adaptability for different tractors due to combined offset/angling facilities.

Overall durability is ensured though protection of the variable width articulation rods within the plough frame, use of forged shares and tips, and the Triplex steel mouldboards that increase life expectancy by up to 40%.

The 112 series ploughs are lighter in structure, which means a variable width plough of up to 6 furrows is available for 150hp tractors. This series also has a new 96cm inter-body clearance, making it easier to plough crop residues, and has a variable furrow width of 20 to 50cm.

The Vari-Master 112 range includes models with traction bolt protection with 4 – 6 furrows, and models with non stop hydraulic auto-reset protection with 4 – 5 furrows.

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